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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ghost Club The Unloved by S C Alley: Review

Sixteen-year-old Derek wants nothing more than a fresh start in his new home. But that isn't what he's about to get and his hopes for new beginnings are dashed the minute he enters the house. What he is about to get are some trouble-making ghost hunters and a spirit seeking violent revenge for a hidden past. Worse still, she has made Derek her chosen vessel to settle her debts. Can she force Derek to do her bidding? Can Ghost Club help? The past merges horribly with the present as her relentlessness persuades him to attempt the darkest deed of all. (Goodreads)

Ghost Club The Unloved is the debut of author S.C. Alley. Concise, fast paced and full of suspense, this is a story that grabs you right at the beginning and doesn't let go.  Told from the point of view of our main character, Derek, the story flips from being funny to terrifying and then heartbreaking and back to funny again.

I really loved the characters, they were a motley bunch and they went from having pretty much nothing in common to becoming friends working together towards a common goal. I loved their growth as the plot progressed.

My very favorite character from the book is Derek's best friend, Charlotte. She is a gem. Her love for her friend drags her into a completely new & very dangerous situation and she sticks by him anyway. I was reminded in a roundabout way of Hermione from Harry Potter, not the brainy, bossy side of her, but the insanely loyal side.

If you love paranormal books and are looking for a new author to test out, I highly recommend S C Alley!

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