Girls*Heart* Books: Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Kristina Georgia Snow is the perfect daughter: gifted high school junior, quiet, never any trouble. But on a trip to visit her absentee father, Kristina disappears and Bree takes her place. Bree is the exact opposite of Kristina -- she's fearless. Through a boy, Bree meets the monster: crank. And what begins as a wild, ecstatic ride turns into a struggle through hell for her mind, her soul -- her life. 

Lemme start off right now by saying: I don't care if you don't like novels written in verse. You will like this book! 

Alright, now that I got that out of the way (though I know someone is reading this and scowling), lemme tell you about the novel.

Crank is the story of Kristina Snow, a perfectly normal, excellent teenager. Until she visits her dad. Kristina is introduced to drugs, (crystal meth, to be specific, also called crank) by a boy, and becomes a wild and fearless girl named Bree, who is nothing like the girl she used to be.

It's a hard book to read, I will admit. It deals with Bree's addiction and Kristina's struggle to control it and hide it, it deals with Bree's actions and how Kristina has to deal with it. I found myself reaching for the box of tissues more than I ever have when I've read a book.

That being said, I will tell you wholeheartedly I believe parents should read this book with their teenagers. It is not for the weak-stomached, I say, but it is a subject that needs to be tackled -- attacking this issue could save a life.

This novel has stuck with me since the moment I finished it, and I believe I won't ever forget Kristina Snow. Now, onto Glass.

My Rating:

I definitely recommend it! Just...have the tissues ready.


  1. Well the last book was about suicide now drugs!? Ur as morbid as I am! U are not alone! I will have the tissues ready thanks for a great review!

    1. Haha! I know, right? I need to pick up a book that is at least somewhat happy... Ha. But yay! I'm glad someone else shares my taste. Hehe Thank you for reading!


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