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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treasured Thursdays: Twilight Style Part 2

Treasured Thursday is a weekly event created by Touya over at The Reader's Garden that is all about our most treasured. I'm hosting it here now, for those of you who are interested in joining me. This month, as you all know by now, we are ALL about the Twilight Saga! So this week our topic is our most treasured member of the wolf pack (excepting Jacob, of course). 

I would have to say mine is a toss up between two siblings and seeing as how Tammy stole the other on me (j/k) than I guess I'd have to go with Leah. She's just such a strong character. She may not always be the nicest person, but she's honest and she tells it like it is, both are traits I think are important.  Also, she's angry at Bella on Jacob's behalf and I kinda can't help but like that about her. And I'm not saying I think Bella did anything wrong where Jacob is concerned on purpose. BUT she did hurt him. And I think it's good that Leah has his back. (Also, did anyone else think that Jacob and Leah should have ended up together?? Or was that just me?) 

Now, for me, who read the books as a total vampire lover, it’s almost difficult to pick a werewolf for me (I’m biased I’m sorry). However! Despite the fact I agree with Alice’s opinion on these certain mutts- Er, werewolves, there is one who I cannot help but love. She is…
Leah Clearwater. 

I love Leah. She’s so brutal to start, but as you continue on in the series, you see she has a wonderful story up there. If Stephenie Meyer said she was going to write a side story about Leah, it would be the first pre-order I have ever done. Her love story is heartbreaking and the fact she is the first and possibly only female Quileute leaves a lot of degrading put on her, and she braves through it. Her relationship with Jake is adorable, too, as it grows to almost sibling-like. 

She is my favorite and most treasured! No contest. :3

Well mine is easy! 

SETH! What is it Edward says about him, that he has the purest mind he’s ever been in.. he’s our little Angel Wolf and just so darn cute! I loved that he was the one who got to take out that prick Riley. You know, I knew what was coming in BD1 but when Seth says “Bella’s dead” it’s the conviction in his voice; that’s when I started bawling. He really is young, innocent and pure and it’s very refreshing.

These are our most treasured; tell us about yours. 


  1. I gotta go with Seth too! I immediately took to him when he was introduced and I loved his loyalty to his friendship with Edward. Most adorable wolf ever! :)

  2. Well I Love most of them except for Sam. I kind of don't care one way or the other about Sam, he is just there to me lol. I don't hate him, but neither am I fond of him, though I love Emily! I don't much care for Jared personally. Leah has an interesting story but we all know she can be a bit much to take, though we can understand why! I love Embry and Quil of course! I even like Paul! However besides Jacob, I would have to say my favorite and most Beloved in the wolf shifter pack is Seth! Actually, he is one of my favorite characters in the entire book series; and I wrote a blog ending just about him on my blog about The Twilight series lol! In some ways I treasure Seth more than Jacob! Seth to me is a character that is a Pure Spirit who represents Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance, Tolerance, Devotion, and Truth! Seth to me is Hope incarnate as a character,he is the Joy of Life as a person! He is in some ways the most Authentic and Spiritual of all the characters in the entire series! So I have to go with Seth, in the end there can be no other choice for me lol!

  3. On your other question; No, I never saw Leah and Jacob together! They were so not a match to me, but I had a feeling about Jacobs destiny in book Two and I was right about that lol! Leah I want to fall in love with a White man from a far off town who is the total opposite of Sam lol! And I would like to add that in my head (no matter what Stephenie has to say about it lol); Seth is gay and ends up with a nice half human half vampire guy lol! And No One will ever convince me otherwise lol!!!!


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