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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Author Appreciation, David McAfee

The "Guys" Perspective with David
Author David McAfee, Saying Goodbye To The Sun (A Bachiyr Novel)
 Review and Giveaway
Saying Goodbye to the Sun
New York City, 1986.
The name of the beautiful woman in the red dress is Raine, and Vincent Walker has no idea she’s about to change his life forever – by ending it.
Now, impossible as it is to believe, Vincent is turning into a vampire. He sets out to find the woman who changed him, hoping she can take it back. Instead, he finds himself at the mercy of the infamous Council of Thirteen. Not wanting to risk any of its more valuable servants, The Council assigns him the task of bringing her back to be punished for turning him without permission. If he succeeds, the woman he loves will be no more. If he refuses, the Council will take out its anger on him, instead.
But Vincent is not the only one looking. Something driven by a century-old vendetta hunts them both, and it won’t stop until they are destroyed. If Vincent can find Raine first, the two may be able to disappear together. But he is beginning to like the growing evil inside him. Already he wonders if he will save her, or kill her himself.
The story is told from Vincent’s POV, a human turned vampire in the mid-1980's by a stunning yet flawed vampire, Raine. 
Vincent sees a girl in a bar and feels a connection, like an invisible string binding them; he thinks she is the kind of girl that would never go out with him. Against his better judgment he asks her if he can join her; “Please do, Vincent” was her reply and he was so happy he didn’t notice she already knew his name. The evening was wonderful until she backed away from him shaking her head, then turned and ran out the door. She was gone before he realized what had happened, but she couldn’t stay away. She surprises him by reappearing in front of him, giving him a kiss, telling him to run and then disappearing again. 
 Vincent decides to stakeout the bar where he met Raine. After three days he finally spots her, she is running from someone.  He pursue’s and ends up saving her from her would be attackers.. Now he needs answers. Why were they after her? Why was she running from Vincent? She told him she was running from him because she was trying to protect him from herself.  In a heated moment of passion, she bites Vincent. 
In McAfee’s fabulously woven world, vampires aren’t made without approval from “The Council of 13”; and Raine did not get permission.  Let’s just say if Vincent didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all!  The council finishes turning him and sends him after Raine.  The story flows and moves well, you can almost SEE Vincent and The Council lurking in the Shadows. 
This was my least favorite McAfee book, that being said, if the worst of his works is still a good book that says a LOT for ALL his books.  I definitely recommend this book along with it’s companions in The Bachiyr series.. 33AD, After and 61AD.
I rate it 4/5 Quills!

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  1. The Tale of the Vampire Bride continues to be my favorite vampire book. I love it!

  2. My favorite vampire story is The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

  3. I absolutely love vampires so I adore most vampire stories but I would have to say the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton and the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost are tied for my favorites right now.

  4. I enjoy vampire stories....hard to pick a fav. I love the Night Huntress by Frost....Dark Hunters by Kenyon...even MorganVille Vamps by Caine
    Thank you and I'm gonna leave my email addy if that's all right since it is easier to get ahold of me that way.


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