Girls*Heart* Books: Mel's Book Blog Gets a Face Lift

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mel's Book Blog Gets a Face Lift

Hello, fellow readers! 

Lana and I have been doing some thinking and with Tammy embarking on her own solo blogging journey, we've decided the time is ripe to make a few changes of our own. Don't panic, we aren't going anywhere, we've just come to the realization that our name doesn't really fit our blog anymore. When I started, it was just me, so it was easy to say hmm ok, I'll call it 'Mel's Book Blog'. However, things are very different now; seriously, where would I be without Lana?!? 

So after some brainstorming, we've decided to rename our blog, 'Girls *Heart* Books'. We think it's very fitting. To keep things a little simpler, our url will stay the same, but the email will change and we'll be launching a brand spanking new facebook page. So, don't think you've come to the wrong place when you see our new background and banner. It's still us, and we're still 100% devoted to bringing you honest reviews, interesting author interviews & some fun giveaways! Thanks everyone, as always,  for all your support, this wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you! 



  1. The new look looks great! And I love the new name too! :D

  2. Thank you so much ladies!!


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