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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Operation: Find Daniel- Mel's Pick

Now that you've read my review of Sovereign Hope and the interview I was lucky enough to do with Daniel, you get to see who I think should be on the cover of book 2, Eternal Hope!  

I took this task very seriously. Let's see how Farley describes Daniel the first time she meets him and we'll see what you guys think of my choice! 

"Tall, black long-sleeved tshirt that hid half his hands, black jeans-she couldn't see his shoes-black hair that curled in a wet mess about his face, sticking to his skin. His strong jawline was clenched tight, and a pair of startlingly cool green eyes picked her apart with scientific precision.  There was something fierce and angry about them that made her tremble a little. Fate must hate her. He was far too good-looking to be someone she had just crashed into."

So, I chose Anthony Greenfield, a male model and quite the nice looking young man, in my opinion. I think, with his hair maybe a bit longer, he would be PERFECT for Daniel! 
I had to share this picture, first, mostly because he's shirtless and I know we ladies love to ogle the shirtless men. Ahem, anyway, back to business. Here's another picture of him so you can all compare, but I really do think I've picked a winner. 

What do you think guys? Have I chosen well? Be sure to pick up a copy of Sovereign Hope and read ALL about my new favorite book boy! 


  1. I hope to read the book soon because the pic you chose is yummy!


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