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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tammy's Two Cents; Review of Sara Ghost, A School of The Ages Short Story

Author Matt Posner
Sara Ghost
Sara Ghost is not a ghost at all, she calls herself a ghost because she feels invisible.  Filled with self loathing and inner turmoil that is only fueled by her emotionally unavailable parents, she hurts herself so she can feel.  Sara is a ‘cutter’ who is dangerously close to becoming a ghost until a chance encounter at school brings two unlikely new friends into Sara’s life and her self image issues slowly begin to change.  Goldberry and Simon (School of the Ages students) actually SEE her, the real her, and slowly but surely she begins to see herself as well. 
It is a dark story but, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I especially liked the way Sara learns by watching the relationship between Goldberry and Simon; how it brings about a slight change not only in how she thinks but, her confidence as well.
I think that Sara Ghost as well as Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships (another of Posner’s works) should be read by all our teens. One is fiction and the other advice, but both books can help and entertain high schoolers.  Yes, this book is about a dangerously serious illness that encompasses more and more people every day.  On the upside, Posner does not sensationalize the issue at all; he gives valid reasons why Sara is this way and why she hurts herself.  He then gives valid reasons why she shouldn’t and, in the end, the opportunity to change her circumstance.
There is also a sneak peak at book 3, The War against Love, The School of The Ages series.  There is an Author Interview with Matt Posner AND a ghost story at the end.  For a 99 cents novella, he really stuffed this one full of goodies!
5/5 Quills!

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  1. sounds like a good read!! Will add to my tbr! :)


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