Girls*Heart* Books: Event: Ellen Hopkins Signing at The Tattered Cover

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Event: Ellen Hopkins Signing at The Tattered Cover

Ellen Hopkins reading from "Tilt"
Photo taken by Lana
In July, I was at The Tattered Cover's website for my weekly visit, checking to see if there were any authors I wanted to see stopping in Highlands Ranch. I hadn't been to a book signing for a while, and I was desperate to see someone. When I saw that Ellen was coming, I choked. After that, I checked back every day to make sure it didn't disappear- I just couldn't believe it!

I've been a fan of Hopkin's book since I read 'Crank', about two years ago. I hadn't been able to get any of her other novels, unfortunately, due to time and money, but when I saw she was coming, I ordered every single one. Figuring it would be good to have read more than one of her books, I started 'Burned', and finished it in all of three days. I am currently half-way through 'Triangles' and enjoying it much.

Ellen reading from "Tilt"
Photo taken by Lana
 Ellen was full of life and very sweet. As she was reading 'Tilt', I found myself wanting to finish 'Triangles' all the more quickly. Each character sounded different, her facial expressions told more than just words could. I almost wished she'd just finish the book right there, and stop tormenting us.

Ellen taking about Shane and Alex in "Tilt"
Photo taken by Lana
Like she just so happened to do when asked about "Smoke", the sequel to "Burned". 

"All I can tell you is the book opens with Pattyn's father dead on the floor, and she is on the run... Tease, tease, tease!" -Ellen Hopkins on "Smoke"

As if the wait wasn't bad enough...? I'm just glad I wasn't one of the people who read it when it first came out- I would've died waiting so long!

Ellen Answering Questions
 "The reason I wanted Alex to have HIV is because everyone seems to think we have it completely under control, so no one is talking about it anymore... Well. I'm talking about it." -Ellen Hopkins on Alex from 'Tilt'

Ellen talking about Collateral
 She also let us all in on a few secrets about Collateral, her latest adult novel (due out November 13th, 2012!). I am very excited about this book, though I am almost 100% positive Hopkins will make me cry (that's just what her books do- Which is a reason why she's on of my favorite authors). She told us she spoke to several military families; the spouses, the kids, the survivors. She dug deep, and it makes me very excited to dig into this!

Ellen reading from Collateral
"This book is gonna freak people out- That's what I'm good at." -Ellen Hopkins

While waiting in line to sign my whopping thirteen books, I had the pleasure of meeting two very awesome girls, Bridget and Rahie, who were freaking out just as bad as I was. Which, honestly, I was thankful for. We fangirled in line for the entirety of the wait, and yet, when I got to the line, I was still having a hard time...you know...inhaling?

[Left to right] Ellen Hopkins, Tattered Cover Employee (I did not catch her name), and me.
Taken by Bridget (Thank you!)
 I usually have some sort of social skills at these things. Now, I am well-aware I always sound like some creepy fangirl, but I can usually get out more than a, "Hi!" ...Well. That's not the case here. I was standing there stammering like a total nincompoop. Thankfully, Ellen didn't seem to mind. *phew* (Told you she was a sweetheart..)

Ellen Hopkins and me!
Taken by Bridget (Thank you!)
I haven't had this much fun in a long time, even if my brain wasn't working right. Ah, well. It was great meeting Ellen, Bridget and Rahie! Definitely a great event!

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