Girls*Heart* Books: Event: Fierce Reads Tour, with Ann Aguirre, Elizabeth Fama, Lish McBride, and Marissa Meyer,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Event: Fierce Reads Tour, with Ann Aguirre, Elizabeth Fama, Lish McBride, and Marissa Meyer,

When The Tattered Cover does book signings, they never do them scattered throughout the year. Or, at least, they never do this with authors I'm familiar with. Not even a week after seeing Ellen Hopkins there, on September 13th, I was back for the Fierce Reads Tour on September 19th. I left my wallet at home this time-- I've spent enough money on books lately, as is...

I've never read anything but Ann, Beth, Lish or Marissa when I found out about the signing, but that didn't stop me from going. A book signing is just an excuse to buy more books, in my opinion. ;) 

Surprisingly enough, I was there early. Wow. I meandered around the store for a few minutes, read a bit, added more books to my list, and then, finally, I got a REALLY good seat. Which, since I'm always there all of thirty seconds before the authors arrive, is rare for me. The ladies were already present and seated, and discussing amongst themselves-- It's easy to tell they're all friends, which made this signing even more fun.

Marissa Meyer
Marissa, author of Cinder, was adorable. She revealed she got started writing by posting fanfictions on Sailor Moon (so glad I'm not the only one who watched that show when I was little...), and began to get the idea for Cinder while entering a contest. Out of the options given, Marissa wrote a story that was, basically, "A sci-fi version of Puss In Boots". Later, she found out only two people had entered that contest, and she didn't win. But she liked her thought, so she continued on, and eventually, Cinder was born! (Yay!)

Lish McBride
Did you you know Lish wrote Hold Me Closer, Necromancer so she could get her masters degree? I didn't either. Can you imagine? Hitting up your teachers with a horror story with a necromancer/burger flipper and a talking head being a major role? Lish admitted she had a lot of push-back, but she fought for Sam to be her character, even though her teacher insisted her selected genre was 'crap' and 'no one' reads it. *ahem* 

"I eventually had to go and get a New York Times best seller list and show her. 'Oh, look! Mystery, thriller, thriller, romance, mystery, thriller, YA, YA, thriller, oh, there, one of your genre...' And she was genuinely shocked about this! I was like, 'Do you live under a rock?" ~Lish (paraphrased, I'm sure I screwed it up. Derp.)

Lish was hilarious, and I cannot wait to get into Sam's story.

Elizabeth Fama
Elizabeth was a doll. Very soft spoken and comfortable with her surroundings, she got me VERY excited by telling us that while it has an innocent looking mermaid on the cover, Monstrous Beauty is actually quite "dark and tragic". I won't lie, I did a fist pump at this, and I'm sure this weirded several people out, but I really don't care. The dark stuff is my favorite. She told us the last thing she wrote was a book for a Write-Off with her son. The judges being an unbiased college friend (who called tie), herself (who voted her son), her son (who voted her), and her husband... Who voted her son. Queue the "Oooooh's" and giggles from the audience. She is currently reading her sons, and while "the grammar is a mess", the story is insane. I kind of want to read it....hehe

Ann Aguirre
Ann was probably the chipper-est person I have ever encountered. She was telling us of her obsession with zombies, which I've never been a massive fan of, and even reenacted a scene from a trailer she saw. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the movie, but I really want to. The trailer alone sounds hilarious, and just from her description, I kind of want to see it. My first zombie flick, oh boy...

Lana (me!) and Ann Aguirre
When I got up to the signing line (which turned into a mad rush near the end, I might add), Beth had a notebook with her, for fans to sign their name and emails in if they wished. As I was doing so, I heard the person behind me (obviously) begin talking to Elizabeth as I was talking to Ann (who likes my hair, EEP!). I was expecting to meet four authors, and I met five.

"Hi! I'm gonna be with you guys tomorrow- I'm Jessica Brody."

Jessica Brody. You know her- She wrote The Karma Club, My Life Undecided, 52 Reasons to Hate My Father...? You know who I mean. Needless to say, I, grace in action, nearly fell over my book bag. After getting a picture with Ann (who was awesome, thank you), I told Jessica I was a huge fan, and she was kind enough to take a picture with me. Yay, proof! 

Lana (me!) and Jessica Brody
The event was FANTASTIC and I'm so happy I went! I will have to start on ALL of these books soon (and you all know you'll get my opinions on them, sooner or later). So much fun!

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  1. I am so very jealous of you Lana, Marissa Meyer is a genius!! Lucky girl!!


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