Girls*Heart* Books: Friday Fever: Awaken by Kristen Day

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fever: Awaken by Kristen Day

Friday Fever is a weekly event hosted here at Girls *Heart* Books. Every Friday, we will showcase one of our favorite steamy and/or romantic scenes. You know the ones we're talking about; those that get your pulse thumping and your temperature rising. Enjoy.

This week I simply had to share a steamy scene from Awaken, the second book in the Daughters of the Sea series by Kristen Day! The chemistry between Finn and Stasia is downright electric. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I bent down to kiss him softly, but I should have known that would be a futile effort. He latched onto me with an urgency that was mirrored in my own movements. Instantly on top of him, the feel of his body beneath me sent a surge of longing that could not be silenced no matter how close I was to him. Somehow I managed to pull his shirt off and couldn’t resist kissing every inch of warm skin I could get to. He rolled us over so that I was now beneath his weight, causing every cell in my body to explode with need. As he buried his mouth into the crook of my neck he simultaneously thread his fingers through mine and pulled my hands above my head, securing me where I was. It was all I could do to not wrestle out from under his grip and continue touching him.

Knees on either side of me, he sat up and tugged off the t-shirt I had been wearing in a split second; tossing it on the floor as I fumbled with the button of his shorts. Surprising myself with my own boldness, I unzipped them and practically ripped them off of him. He did the same with the already loose gym shorts I was wearing, and I watched as his breath visibly caught in his throat when he looked down at me. Watching me carefully as if I might disappear into thin air, he wrapped an arm around me; picking me up enough to pull back the covers beneath me.              
Oh my goodness it just became a little warmer in here! If you guys haven't checked out these books yet I am telling you now, you really NEED to! They are phenomenal!   

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