Girls*Heart* Books: Review: Baroque, Hunted: Over My Spilled Blood #2 by Joseph Eastwood

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Baroque, Hunted: Over My Spilled Blood #2 by Joseph Eastwood

Hunted: Over My Spilled Blood #2
Joseph Eastwood
Published: September 6th, 2012

Artemisia was a protector of the mortal gods, gods who were cursed to live a human life, over and over again. But when word gets out about the things that a god's blood can do, there's no stopping the supernatural world from getting what they want.

And they'll kill a whole race of people to get it.

This is the second short story from the anthology Over My Spilled Blood. This is a dark fantasy / horror short story. (Goodreads)

About a month ago, I read "Bait" (the first in the Over My Spilled Blood series) and loved it. This, however, is not a "sequel", per se, but another story all together (because Eastwood is evil and likes cliffhangers *long sigh*). This one is about faeries, Artemisia and Giovanna, who have been protecting the gods for centuries. It is told in the third person, but mostly centers on Artemisia's perspective, which helps the story as a whole, because she is just as confused as I was, which lets the reader know this is what he [Eastwood] was going for.

Honestly, I think Bait was a little better than this one. For a while I was a teeny bit confused as to what was going on. Once I got to the end, I figured it out, and since this is a short, I will give it a break, but I do think it could've been explained a bit better.

All in all, I think the story was good, but I liked Bait better-- Now, onto Book 3! :D

My Rating:

Joseph Eastwood is the eldest of five siblings. He lives and grew up in Lancaster, England, where he also attends the University of Cumbria, studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

He has always had a giant creative connection in his life, from drawing and writing to having an eclectic taste in music and reading a wide range of books, which he hopes reflects in his own writing. He also loves watching sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy based TV shows and films. Among some of his favourites are Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. As well as those he loves dramas, like The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives.

Joseph is either busy doing edits and writing or trying to get some university work done. He lives for creativity, striving to be different and thinking up new hoops for his characters to jump through.

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