Girls*Heart* Books: 'Lennon's Jinx' by Chris Myers: Excerpt and Giveaway

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Lennon's Jinx' by Chris Myers: Excerpt and Giveaway

Lennon's Jinx
By: Chris Myers
Publication Date: January 15, 2013 

Sometimes, we don’t get to choose who we fall for.

Lennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of high school. He prefers groupies with no-strings attached but finds himself strangely attracted to Jinx, the straight-A student in his choir. Lennon’s curiosity overrules his good sense as he tries to peel away the layers to discover the reason for Jinx’s skittishness.

Jinx conceals the black truth about herself from her friends. She won’t admit to them that she screwed up big time, losing her first love and what she once held most precious.

When Lennon’s band holds auditions to replace their keyboard player, Jinx comes to tryout and almost leaves after seeing Lennon. Despite the fact she despises him, she joins the band to nurture her love of music that will hopefully ease the guilt gnawing away at her.

Like the rest of his band mates, Jinx soon witnesses Lennon battling his infamous father for the custody of Currie. While confronting his pent-up anger at his dad, Lennon exposes vulnerabilities he had no intention of letting any girl ever see, especially Jinx. Their reckless pasts may bring them together or further complicate their already messy lives. (Goodreads

And now an Excerpt from Lennon's Jinx:

I don’t speak but barrel toward the bathroom. Inside, I rush to a stall and close the door. Sitting on the toilet, I take in deep breaths. I tightly squeeze my eyes shut to block out the flashes of scary-bad memories.

The bathroom door squeaks open and then closes. “Are you going to live?” Concern fills Lennon’s deep voice. It softens my heart toward him. He didn’t have to rescue me last night, but I’m glad he did.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” I say in a whoosh of air.

He laughs. “You’re in the men’s room.”

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Chris Myers suffers from an overactive imagination. In second grade, Sister Bernice produced Chris's first play about pumpkins mauling and eating children. Apparently, the nuns didn’t catch the underlying meaning. This instantly raised Chris to stardom amongst her peers for the several days off from schoolwork while in production. She spent her high school years writing torch songs for fantasy guys then moved onto writing thrillers and young adult. Chris lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and BeBe, a rambunctious Bichon. 

Chris literally has very few photos of herself, even though photography put her through college. Here she is with her sisters and daughter. Chris is the one with the vino.

Chris started out as an art major, then moved to bio-chem, hoping to play Victor Frankenstein as a genetic engineer or messing with people's minds as a psychiatrist. Just as she was about to graduate, she decided being broke for another four to ten years wouldn't work out for her adventurous spirit and traveling. She ended up with an electrical engineering degree then a masters. As it turns out, she should've finished her first novel twenty-five years ago and stuck in the make-believe world where she is happiest.

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