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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Around The Universe Blog Tours: Falling Into Paradise by Kamy Chetty: Review

Falling Into Paradise
By: Kamy Chetty
Published: January 1st, 2013, by Red Sage Publishing

A woman too afraid to commit. A mad too hurt to love again. A passion that refuses to be denied. Sophie Redmond knew betrayal, she knew mistrust. She knew everything that was wrong with the world, until Damon Watson charmed his way into her life. The rules she used to shield her heart were broken one by one, as Damon showed her compassion and kindness. When no else believes in her, he shows her hope. But is hope ever enough?

Damon knew trouble when he saw it. He was the sheriff. He could spot it a mile away and Sophie was trouble with a capital T. What was it about the City Slicker doctor that made him want to forget everything but those whiskey brown eyes and that honey blonde hair spilled against her naked chest. Can Damon put the past behind him and choose to love again?

Sophie thought sex was a game that could be controlled with rules, but add a playboy who knew every trick in the book, and she couldn't help but throw her rule book away...


I have to admit, when I first read the synopsis for this book, my main thought was, "Oh, smut, how nice..." Needless to say, I was not too thrilled... With the smut I've read lately, it is all getting predictable and boring.. I know I'm weird. o.O


Not the case, loves.

Check it out, kids-- A heated novella with A PLOT. And a GOOD one. I know, I'm stunned too..

The story is told from the third-person, letting us enter into a totally unbiased and yet focused perspective of everything that was happening. While the story is rather quick paced and stumbles a few times when explaining, I did get the gist of the story and enjoyed it immensely.

All in all, Falling Into Paradise is a fast paced story with deep characters and twists that will leave you in a fit of laughs or sobs. I highly recommend!

My Rating:

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My daughter tells me I have the best job in the world and at times I tend to agree with her, but when I have these characters in my head that refuse to leave me until I get them on paper then I don’t. The truth is I do love my job. I get to create a world of my own and most of the time I get to do what I want in my world except of course when my characters decide they know best.

Was this an easy journey to get to this point. No. It took a lot of hard work and believing in yourself when most times you want to give up. But I am really lucky to have had people who believed in me. I was really lucky to have believed in myself. So my advice to you is- never ever give up on your dreams. Life would be too boring if we didn’t dream

What makes me, me;-)
•I have my very own hero to keep me grounded and help me achieve my dreams
•I have two teenagers, a girl and a boy and when I look at them, I swear I was a child bride
•I have two dogs and I have a weakness for chocolates;-) but don’t we all

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