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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon by Robert S Fuller Jr Tour: Spotlight, This or That Interview and Giveaway

Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon

Book #1 

By Robert S. Fuller Jr. 
Publication Date: November 2012 

While collaborating on a fashion show, Samantha Hammond, a forty-something Display Manager, draws the attention of the mysterious clothing designer Valerie Ross. Samantha’s journey of self-discovery takes her from the security of her hometown in Lexington, Ohio to the shores of a secluded paradise called Sabbatical Island. As their relationship flourishes, Samantha learns that Valerie harbors a terrifying secret. The revelation thrusts Samantha into a nightmarish world where vampires and witches dwell in the darkness. Pamela Darius, a murderous adversary from Valerie’s past, uses Samantha and those around her as pawns in a deadly game filled with seduction, pain, betrayal, and death.  (Goodreads

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And now our  This or That Interview with Rob Fuller! 

1-Coke or Pepsi?
I remember the taste-testing commercials, but honestly I have trouble tasting the difference. I guess if i had to choose one or the other, I would pick pepsi. Coke is sweeter, and doesn’t have the bite that pepsi does when it is ice cold. 

2-cake or pie?
Asking a fat man to pick between these two is like asking a parent to pick between their kids. lol. I’d go with pie, because of the variety. cake is alright, but everyone knows the icing is the best part, and there’s never enough of that. 

3-book or movie?
Many people think that movies never live up to the book, but I think, at times, they actually complement each other. for every poor adaption, there are several more that actually do the book justice. due to simple time constraints, I’d pick the movie, but that still doesn’t replace a good book. 

4-print or e-book?
kindle is convenient, but nothing beats the feel or smell of a printed book. there is a thrill in going to a bookstore and sorting through racks and racks of books. I prefer a full bookshelf, instead of a full handheld device. 

5-coffee or tea?
tough one. coffee is good in the morning, but late at night while I’m feverishly typing away, I prefer a steaming cup of tea. 

6-bacon or sausage?
to me, bacon is almost a separate food group. bacon is a divine gift from heaven. 

7-pancakes or french toast?
some of my fondest memories are of my dad making breakfast and letting my sister and I stir the French toast coating. to this day, a good batch of French toast takes me back. pancakes are too heavy and soak up too much syrup. 

8-bagels or english muffins?
I used to love filling every nook and cranny of the English muffin with butter, but as i grew older, i found i liked spreading a flavored cream cheese on a warm bagel. 

9-the beatles or the beach boys?
this would have been a slightly tougher choice if it had been the rolling stones instead of the beach boys. lol. the Beatles simply re-wrote the book on what music could become. they took basic American rock and roll and added so much more that groups are still trying to catch-up. the beach boys? a quote from john millner in the film ‘American Graffiti’ sums up my feeling towards the beach boys. when a beach boys song comes on the radio he switches it off and says. “I hate that surfing crap. music’s gone downhill since buddy holly died.” 

10-vampires or werewolves?
Easiest question on the board, and not just because my debut is about vampires. growing up, I loved old horror movies and was drawn to Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, and the whole vampire mystique. werewolves were part of the second tier of movie monsters. vampires are deadly, but have a certain amount of sex appeal that i found fascinating. 

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Robert is a fan of all things relating to vampires. It’s this obsession with vampires that makes his debut, “Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon”, the perfect vehicle to launch his writing career. Robert was born and raised in Northeast Ohio at a time when late night television stations filled their programming with old horror movies. Robert gravitated towards the motion picture vampire, but also the vampires depicted in the writings of Stephen King, F. Paul Wilson, and Robert McCammon.

Robert worked at JC Penney’s, where he spent 10 years in the Visual Display Department. His love of vampires, and a decade in the retail/fashion industry, provided the inspiration to create his own vampire tale. After several years of writing and re-writing, “Valerie: Daughter of the Dragon” was born.

When Robert isn’t writing, he enjoys going to the movies, or listening to his extensive music collection. Robert is a huge sports fan, but prefers football and baseball to all other sports. One of his favorite pastimes is participating as team owner and Commissioner of a long running fantasy football league. Robert manages to travel to the beaches of South Carolina at least once a year to recharge and enjoy some ocean time. Robert is married to his best friend and soulmate, Jackie. They have a son, Dustin, and two rambunctious cats, Meeps and Benny.

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