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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starseed by Liz Gruder Top Ten UFO & ALIEN Trivia

Top Ten UFO & ALIEN Trivia

1) Saucer. The disc or saucer shaped UFO is the most common. The silver discs have been recorded being seen since the Middle Ages but became popularized in 1947 when there were hundreds of sightings.

2) Grays. The most commonly seen aliens. About 3 ½ feet tall, with gray skin, large heads, black eyes, slits for noses and mouths, Grays appear inStarseed, too. They work in league with the hybrids invading a high school and why they’re here is explained.

3) ROSWELL HIGH SERIES--(Melinda Metz). Max, Isabel and Michael, alien survivors of the 1947 Roswell crash (later awakened from stasis pods) can heal, manipulate dreams, see auras and sense emotion. They were probably the forerunner of modern YA alien fiction—with romance.

4) Telepathy. (Reading human thoughts). The number one most common power in aliens. In Starseed, the aliens can read human minds any time. They know what you’re thinking, as well as can access your memories, deepest fears and joys. Good for taking over a high school, not so good for romance.

5)  MIB. The Men in Black, popularized by the movie, are said to be middle-aged men dressed in black suits, black hats and sunglasses. They often appear after a UFO sighting or alien encounter and intimidate people not to talk. With mechanical behavior and a monotone voice, it’s supposed they could be robots or androids working to protect the presence of ETs. Not as fun as the movie.

6) Triangle. The Black Triangle UFO are described as enormous, silent and hovering over towns at low altitudes. I used this craft in Starseed as the mothership for the aliens to take the townspeople to the ship at night.

7) Inter-dimensional travel. In Starseed, the aliens can travel to the 4th dimension and be invisible as they observe humans. Priscilla Snowden, a benevolent alien in Starseed is actually from a higher dimension of light and so tires easily with the strain of living in our often-hostile dimension (and high school--which can exhaust anyone).

8) Good movie alien: PRINCESS NEYTIRIAvatar. Neytiri is the princess of her clan the The Oyacmaca, and part of the Na'vi tribe. Neytiri runs, climbs, rides and is adept with a bow and arrow. Her wisdom, moral strength, and love for Jake Sully earn her high female alien status.

9) Bad movie alien: BORG QUEEN. Star Trek: First Contact. The Borg Queen is the focal point within the Borg collective, a group of cybernetic aliens with a group mind. Key phrase: “Resistance is Futile.” She seeks to “assimilate” other species into hers—the Borg.  I loved the Borg concept so much I named the wicked teacher who protects the alien student “hive” in Starseed “Mrs. Bourg.”

10) YA Aliens are usually Hot than Not
Case in point: Would you rather make out with:


 For some odd reason, romance doesn't bloom with clawed exoskeletal aliens....

--Liz Gruder

Starseed (available in print and eBook)
by Liz Gruder
Publisher: WiDo Publishing
ISBN: 978-1937178291
Starseed concerns a sixteen-year-old girl who falls in love with a starseed boy who reveals that she, too, is half extraterrestrial, and is forced to choose her allegiance between Earth or her star family.

Liz Gruder website: www.lizgruder.com
Liz Gruder twitter: https://twitter.com/LizGruder
WiDo Publishing: www.widopublishing.com

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