Girls*Heart* Books: Cover Reveal: The Cindy Chronicles Books 1-6 by RaShelle Workman

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Cindy Chronicles Books 1-6 by RaShelle Workman

The Cindy Chronicles
The Cindy Chronicles will be told in 6 volumes 
By RaShelle Workman
YA Paranormal

Life sucks. 
Possessing magic sucks. 
What doesn’t suck? Fashion, Cindy's boyfriend Gabe, and her best friend, Snow White. 

Cindy (Cinderella…shhh, don’t tell) was born a witch. It’s part of who she is. But there’s more to her than that. She loves deeply. And has a big heart. She’d do anything for those she cares about, including risk her own life to save theirs. 

When her fairy godmother demands she leave Salem, Massachusetts and return to the land she was born to rule, she has two options. Tell her fairy godmother no, and seal a death sentence on complete strangers. Or, leave all she’s ever known behind, including the love of her life, for an unknown land she’s fated to save. 

So, yeah, life sucks. 
But Cindy is determined to change that.

RASHELLE WORKMAN lives on a mountain with her husband, three children, and three dogs. From her back porch she can see the city lights and imagine... She's the bestselling author of the Dead Roses series (Sleeping Roses is being translated into Turkish, and will be available in print wherever Turkish books are sold in 2014), the Immortal Essence series, and the Blood and Snow series.

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  1. Thank you for participating in the Cindy Chronicles cover reveal. =)

    1. Of course! :) They are so pretty, too-- LOVE them!


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