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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Raksha Blog Tour: Review of Raksha by Frankie Rose

By Frankie Rose
Published: March 1st, 2013

She has no name.

She has her knives; her training; her halo.

The first and second give her the tools and the skill to defeat the opponents she is pitched against each month. The third frees her from pain and fear. From any kind of emotion at all. Everything is as it should be. Everything is as it should be, until...



When a newly-named Kit escapes the Sanctuary after killing her best friend, the last thing she needs is another knife in her hand. Or Ryka, the damaged, beautiful blonde boy, who she refuses to let save her. Still learning how to process the onslaught of her new feelings, the sights and sounds of Freetown are overwhelming and strange. There are a hundred differences between her old home and her new one, but one thing remains starkly similar: the matches. Yet where the blood of the Sanctuary landed only on the colosseum floor, Kit will quickly learn that a river of red runs through Freetown's very streets.

Freed from the oppression of a society who stole her right to feel, the true horror of her old life leaves Kit wondering if she really has been freed at all. Would she be better off without the crippling horror of all the blood on her hands, or is the love of one boy worth living through all the pain?

Raksha is the call of the dead. The rumbling chant for fresh blood from the other side, the demand for sacrifice. The colosseum is behind Kit. The fighting pits await.

You have been called to the fights.
She's done it again! Frankie Rose has managed to cram enough emotion into a single novel to leave her readers emotionally exhausted for the rest of their lives, and yet, all I want is more. The fact I keep dragging myself out of this dark hole called a "book hangover" for more attacks on my feels should tell you ALL Rose is a fantastic author.

Raksha is... *deep breath* Raksha is everything I want from a book. There's a strong heroin, a hot guy, angst and drama and constant action... The minute you read the first paragraph, there is no turning back-- The horrific and perfect story has you in its grasp and you will NOT be escaping any time soon.

And what I LOVE about this book, is while they both have incredibly hot male leads and fierce, strong female leads, this book is nothing like her previous series (and while I LOVE Sovereign Hope, I hate when two totally different novels ring the same bell...).

I found, while I've never been in Kit's predicament (which, uh, I think is a good thing), I found it extremely easy to step into her shoes. Her emotions came straight off the page and into my chest and I swear, I do not remember the last time this kind of book has had this effect on me...

I cannot even tell you how much I love this book. Rose just gets better and better as she goes, and if you will all excuse me, I am going to go sit in a dark corner and let my feels reassemble themselves while I anxiously await book two. 

My Rating:

Frankie Rose was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives with her husband in sunny Australia.

She officially makes things up for a living, and when she's not doing that, she is generally making paper birds out of receipts and old lists or taking photographs that make her smile.

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