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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Patch's Guardian Angel Tour

Any of you who read this blog regularly know of Lana's & my undying love for Patch from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush series.  Well, the lovely Danielle of Consuming Worlds has asked us to share what exactly we love about him with you all today. Why, you ask? Well, because she is Patch's advocate in the 2013 YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney!!  And by the way, he's facing off again on June 26th so be sure to vote for Patch!!!

First, I have to share one of my favorite Patch & Nora scenes from the series-

“If you can't feel, why did you kiss me?"
Patch traced a finger along my collarbone, then headed south stopping at my heart. I felt it pounding through my skin. "Because I feel it here, in my heart," he said quietly.”

Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

Seriously, people-what is there NOT to love about this hunk of not quite angelic hotness? He's sexy, he's snarky and super protective of his girl. I feel a swoon coming on here...

ahem! Anyway, so sorry! Back to business- need more coaxing??

“You're mine, Angel," he murmured, brushing the words across my jawbone as I arched my neck higher, inviting him to kiss everywhere. "You have me forever.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

I am now a puddle of drool in front of my laptop..must go mop up-but I leave you with this-

“Patch stood over me, and a drop of rain slid from his hair, landing like ice on my collarbone. I felt it slide along my skin, disappearing beneath the neckline of my shirt. His eyes followed the raindrop, and I began to quiver on the inside.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

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