Girls*Heart* Books: The Crimson Key Blog Tour: This or That Interview with Christy Sloat!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Crimson Key Blog Tour: This or That Interview with Christy Sloat!

*Coffee or Tea?
Coffee of course. I have a major love affair with coffee

*Ebook or Paperback?
Man!! That’s tough because its not like I choose one over the other. I have a Nook, and I love it. I also have tons of paperback. I can’t decide

*Vampires or Angels?
I write about angels but I love Vamps way more!!

*Book or Movie?
Book, wins everytime

*Summer or Winter?
Winter. Only because summers in New Jersey are super hot and I do not do well in the heat

*Batman or Superman?
Batman is hotter. I like skin tight black leather

*The Beach Boys or The Eagles?
The Eagles. Hotel California is my favorite song.

*Chocolate or Peanut Butter?
Both!!! You can’t have one without the other.

*Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson?
Sparks only because I loved The Notebook

*Dystopian or Contemporary?
Dystopian. I am not a contemporary fan

*New Adult or Young Adult?
YA all the way.

*Comedy or Horror? 
Horror. I like to be scared and to scare the crap out of my readers

Christy Sloat is a Southern California native who now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters. She believes that reading is a passion and it should be embraced. She is literally obsessed with reading and tries to fit as many books in as possible. She has a very active imagination and she encourages her daughters to find theirs. Christy hopes to inspire them and others to use their creativity for the use of good. When she is not writing, reading or being Mommy, you might be able to find her at a bookstore scouring the shelves.

Look for her recent titles The Many Lives of Avery Snow, Ianni, The Unraveling of Avery Snow and The Brown House.


*We receive NO payment of any kind for our reviews-we review books we've bought, or books that are provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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