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Friday, September 6, 2013

Frost Series by Liz DeJesus Tour- Playlist & Giveaway

Last year while I was thinking about how to start writing Glass Frost, I was listening to "The Catalyst" by Linkin Park. I hadn’t written a single word yet, but as I listened to this song I had a clear image of Bianca crawling out of a pit. I was driving at the time (which is a dangerous thing to do if you have my brain because I literally go somewhere else when I’m writing) and I just burst into tears. I wanted to know what happened that made Bianca fall into that dark place. How was she supposed to get out of there? Why wasn’t there someone there to help her? So that was another plot point that I could reach.

Like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky
Lift me up, Let me go...

It was that particular part of the song that just got to me for some reason. I can’t wait for you all to read that scene in the book. I hate torturing my characters, but sometimes that’s the only way they will learn and grow.

Here’s another list of songs I was listening to while I wrote Glass Frost.

1. Enchanted by Taylor Swift
2. I’m Shipping Up to Boston by The Dropkick Murphys
3. 2-1 by Imogen Heap
4. Glittering Cloud by Imogen Heap
5. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Did I mention that I love Imogen Heap? LOL I do! She’s my favorite singer/songwriter.

6. Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol (featuring Martha Wainwright)
7. The Last Time by Taylor Swift (featuring Gary Lightbody)
8. A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos
9. Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap
10. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

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