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Saturday, April 5, 2014

GHBT- Review- Once Upon a Darker Time by M.J. Bell

Book Info-
Title- Once Upon a Darker Time
Series- Chronicles of the Secret Prince Book # 2
By- M.J. Bell

Defying the odds, Deston Lespérance defeated Grossard, the Solitary Faerie who kidnapped his mother and father, and delivered the Light Crystal back to Tir na-nÓg in time to secure the Fae’s reign of the high realm. Now at long last, his dream of having a whole family has come to pass. Unfortunately, “happily ever after” doesn’t last forever, for Grossard lives and is more resolved than ever to get his revenge on the Fae—this time teaming up with Mordred to unleash the darkness which has lain dormant since the earth’s creation.
Deston, though still struggling with his newly found powers, sets off with Margaux on another epic adventure to locate and destroy the Shard of Erebus before Grossard and Mordred can find it. He is fully aware the stakes are high, but he has no idea the scope of sacrifices he’ll be required to make. As his world crumbles around him and his friends fall, he holds onto the only glimmer of hope he has left … that the Fae power and strength truly does reside within him and that he still has a chance to become the hero they claim him to be.
Once Upon a Darker Time is the second book in the Chronicles of the Secret Prince series, which I raved about the other day (you can see that review here). We are a spoiler free blog so I am going to refrain from telling you about how many times I screamed "WHAT THE F***" while reading all the twists and flips and attacks on my feels and continue ranting on and on about how awesome this author is.

Deston continues to be a completely relatable and realistic character, and even though she doesn't rant on it, Bell shows all the ups and downs of being a young adult. How she manages to explain this properly, plus stay in the realm of AWESOME when it comes to faeries, and keep a little bit of romance blooming without boring me. This series is fantastic. I just ordered the paperbacks this morning and as soon as I get them I am going to re-read these. Again. One of the best series' about faeries and young adults I have ever read.

My Rating:

MJ Bell's love of reading and everything magical is what motived her to jump head first into a writing career. Her first novel was honored with a Gold medal in the Mom's Choice Awards' Fantasy category in 2009. From there she has gone on to write the first two books of a new fantasy trilogy, Chronicles of the Secret Prince, and is currently working on the final chapter of Deston's adventure.

MJ grew up in Iowa, but now considers Colorado her home and lives there with her husband, Tim and her dog, Tasha. Her growing family has always been her pride and joy and provides her with a great source of inspiration to write and bring a little more magic into the world. She loves to hear from readers through her FB page at MJ Bell Author. Or visit her website at mj-bell.com.


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  1. Lana, Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! Your review brought tears to my eyes...it was so sweet and I'm so glad you like the series. I'm working on book 3 now, and I'm already amazed at where it is going - I hope your readers will like it too. MJ


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