Girls*Heart* Books: GHBT- Diamond Peak Series by Tahlia Newland- Review of Stalking Shadows

Friday, November 14, 2014

GHBT- Diamond Peak Series by Tahlia Newland- Review of Stalking Shadows

Stalking Shadows
Diamond Peak Series #2
By- Tahlia Newland

Ariel hopes that the great library at Sheldra holds the key to rescuing her mother. But in order to get there, she must negotiate a forest of evil spirits, escape a mind-numbing city of sparkling towers, travel through the treacherous gullies of Minion Hills, and avoid an attack by a demon lord intent on killing her.
At the same time, a battle rages between her heart and her mind. A relationship with her travelling companion, the enigmatic Nick, is just too tempting, but can they be together without Ariel losing her focus and falling to the demons? Her life is at stake, but also her heart. She risks encasing it in stone and denying herself the very sustenance she needs.
Will they make it to the safe haven of Sheldra, or will Ariel die at the hands of the yellow-eyed demon?

This book has been awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence in Fiction

Stalking Shadows is the second novel in The Diamond Peak Series by Tahlia Newland. Once again we are swept away on a journey with our heroine Ariel, who is on a mission to save her abducted mother with some unlikely friends and a talking cat. With demons out for her blood, Ariel has to be quick on her feet and fast to act if she plans on saving her mother and coming out the other side alive.

I am very much enjoying reading The Diamond Peak Series. Newland's style is like nothing I've ever seen before and I find it very entertaining to follow along with the story. Ariel is a fun character with a strong personality and her partners are all equally as amazing. The entire series is action-packed and I find myself biting my nails while I flip through trying to find out what happens next.

This is a great YA fantasy read and I would definitely recommend it. I wish I could delve into why, but I don't want to spoil anything for readers who haven't read Lethal Inheritance yet (and yes, you really do have to read that one first).

My Rating:

Tahlia Newland, author of the multi-award-winning Diamond Peak Series, writes heart-warming and inspiring magical realism and contemporary fantasy. She is also an editor, a reviewer, an occasional high school teacher, and a mask-maker who loves creating digital art and sitting on her veranda staring at the rain forest.

Tahlia has studied with top Australian editors and has a Certificate in Editing and Proofreading. Before writing full time, she had over 20 years’ experience in scripting and performing as a dancer/mine in Visual Theatre and Theatre in Education. She has had extensive training in meditation and Buddhist philosophy and lives in Australia with a husband, a teenage daughter, and a cheeky Burmese cat called George. 

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