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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GHBT- 'Crossover' by Mireille Chester Tour - Author Interview & Giveaway

The Chosen One # 1
By- Mireille Chester
Genre- Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Romance
Publication Date- June 8th, 2015
Published By-  Booktrope Publishing

Twenty-three-year-old Hayden Carlson never led an exciting life, but that was how she preferred it. She never expected that an innocent trail ride in the woods would change her life forever.
Suddenly, Hayden is pulled into a world she never knew existed and discovers a future awaits her there she isn’t prepared to accept...until she meets the mysterious Jasper. Drawn to his quiet, conflicted spirit and entranced by his blue eyes, Hayden finds herself experiencing feelings she has never felt before and wondering where all this might lead.

Hayden’s presence in Quelondain creates tension. Amidst constant danger, she finds true love and through it all determines where she will take her stand in the conflict her arrival ignites between good and evil.

If you love fantasy, action, and romance, Crossover-Book One in a debut Fantasy Romance trilogy by Mireille Chester—is for you.


And here is our interview with Mireille Chester! 

Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself and your latest project.

Well, my latest project is actually my first project.  Crossover was the very first book I published five years ago with Baico Publishing.  It is just now being re-released with Booktrope Publishing.  It is the first book in The Chosen One Trilogy.  This series of books starts off set in our modern time but quickly moves over to a fantasy world called Quelondain.  The main heroine, Hayden, finds out that she originally from Quelondain and that she is meant to be its savior.  There, she meets Jasper who she has an instant connection with.  The story follows this pair as they try to figure out what it is Hayden is supposed to do to fulfill the prophecy.  There’s a lot of magic and strange beings, dragons, evil things… It was a blast to write.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Honestly, I didn’t.  Writing was always a passion of mine, but I never thought I’d one day be able to do it as a career.  I’d started a lot of stories.  Some of them I finished, some of them I didn’t.  When I finished writing Crossover, I just had the urge to send it to a friend of mine.  Tara read it and told me I HAD to send it in to a publisher.  So I did.  When Baico phoned me and told me they wanted to publish, I was in shock.  It was the most surreal thing ever.  Actually, since that day, it’s been an amazing ride.

What are three things you must have to write?

Music, the sound of the fish tank, and a beer.

What’s your writing space look like?
I actually write in my living room.  I sit on the couch with my laptop on my lap.  It’s probably not the best for my back, but I find that’s where I manage to get the most writing done.  I sit on the love seat.  It’s nice because the fireplace is right there and the fish tank is across from me.  

Why do you write fantasy/ romance? What do you love about it?

I love fantasy because of the possibilities.  Where you write fantasy there are no rules.  I can make up anything that pops up in my head and it’s perfectly acceptable.  As for the romance, what can I say… I’m a huge romantic.  I love the idea love. lol

What role does music play in your writing? Do you have one album or playlist that works best for you?

I have a few playlists that I listen to.  It really depends which world I’m writing in at the time.  Some of the playlists have some of the same songs.  Others are completely different.  I have some classical, country, rock, pop, jazz, blues… I love all music and if it brings up an emotion, then it goes on a playlist.  

What can we expect next from you?

Well, next, I have a couple of things on the go.  Journey, the second book in The Chosen One Trilogy, is going to proofreading mode right now.  The third book, Destiny, is in edits.  I’m also finishing up the third book, The Little One, in my middlegrade series called Faerie Dreams.  Once those are done, A Witteck’s Call, the third book in The Witteck Chronicles, which is the series that follows after The Chosen One Trilogy, will get finished.  It’s about half done the first draft.  

Thanks a lot for having me here! This was a ton of fun!
Stay safe!

About the Author-
Mireille Chester is a fantasy author who likes to spend time in made up worlds filled with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity.
Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Mireille now resides in the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan. Wife and mother, she spends most of her time with her three children and husband. When she is not writing stories or grooming dogs, you can find her on the lake fishing with her family.

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