Girls*Heart* Books: Author Appreciation Day 23: The Snazzy Suzanne Collins

Friday, March 23, 2012

Author Appreciation Day 23: The Snazzy Suzanne Collins

Author Appreciation Day 23, The Snazzy Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins' Website!
Suzanne Collins the New York Times best selling author of The Hunger Games trilogy, and the Gregor the Overlander series.

The Hunger Games was recommended to me by a friend of mine down the street. She was telling me about this "competition" she was in with her cousin, over who could finish this series first. When I asked what in the flip she was talking about, she gasped and told me, "The Hunger Games! Suzanne Collins? Ugh, Lana, you HAVE to read this series!"

So I did. I ordered the book online, got in the mail a few days later, and before I'd even gotten to "Part 2" I had "Catching Fire" (the second in the trilogy) on order. This was during the time break between the second and third, and guess what? I finished Mockingjay before her and her cousin.

The movie, which came out TODAY (and I'll bet you saw it, huh?) was fantastic. I went to the midnight showing (hence the late post, I apologize) with the aforementioned friend, and I was blown away. Yes, there were a few things that were left unexplained, and a few times I said, "Well, what about-?" but other than that, it was very good.

Suzanne has also written "Gregor the Overlander", but I have not gotten to this series yet. It is on my never-ending list, but it just keeps growing (yes, Mel and Tammy, I blame you both :P )

Either way. If you haven't heard of either of these series', I suggest you give them a try! Suzanne is a very talented author and I cannot wait to see more from her!

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