Girls*Heart* Books: Author Appreciation Day 31: The Show Stopper; Katie Alender

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Author Appreciation Day 31: The Show Stopper; Katie Alender

Closing The Show, Katie Alender's got us covered! 

Katie Alender's Website!
Katie Alender is the author of Bad Girls Don't Die, From Bad To Cursed, and As Dead As It Gets.

I saw Bad Girls Don't Die in the New Releases section of Barnes & Noble, and decided to take a skim of it. It was in a battle with another book, that I can't remember right now, and the other book had won. I figured I would do some research on it when I got home and maybe order it online, right? Well. I seriously couldn't stop thinking about it. My author-head was trying to figure out how it could happen in this novel. So, I got a ride back and picked it up before the week was over!

This book is literally the cause of my automatonophobia. Well, maybe not the cause, but it sure did not help. Ha.

It did end with a very definite ending, though, and I was shocked and ecstatic when I found out that it is part of a series! Oh yipee, more dolls! I love not being able to sleep at night.

Anyway. I just recently found this out and purchased From Bad To Cursed, so I haven't gotten that far into it. But I am very excited to continue on with Alexis; I very much like her! And I also love how this story isn't centered around a triangle or a boy she likes. It's amazing.

As Dead As It Gets will be available May 15th, of this year! I'll meet y'all at the bookstore!

As a side note. Mel wasn't feeling well yesterday, so that is why a post was not created. Send her some good thoughts! And comments make her very happy, just so you know.

Thanks for joining us through Author Appreciation month! It's been a blast! <3

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