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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Author Appreciation for June: The Incomparable Kristine Cheney

We love to show appreciation for the authors who have provided us with hours of enjoyment through their work. This month, our appreciation is for someone near and dear to our hearts, Ms. Kristine Cheney

Kristine has done SO much for our blog, we had to show her some long overdue love!  Why do we love Kristine Cheney, you ask? Let me fill you in..

 She writes ROMANCE, and I mean, dashing heroes and action-packed romance! (not smut with half a story). Her characters are vivid and immensely likable and you cannot put one of her books down once you've started it. I dare you to try. Next, she may be the sweetest woman alive; each month she provides our blog with the Spartan Queen Kristine Monthly Giveaway to share her fantastic books with our fans! (EVERY MONTH!) And she ALWAYS has time to answer a few questions for us!  We could not adore her any more! 
Why I love Queen Kristine… Why NOT?!  Cheney takes us on a sensual, wild, action packed ride back in time (but not really) with the oh so HAWT Dorien and the equally mesmerizing Evangeline in this modern day delicious little love story!  Got your attention?  Good!  Here’s a little snippet from Spartan Heart Part 1:

“The tender swipe of her moist cheek brushed glistening tears against his lips. Imagining he was real, she kissed him. Her lips lingered in passion over his cold hard mouth. Releasing a breath, her seeking tongue licked and traced his bottom lip. Tasting salt of her tears, pink fingernails dug into loose curls made of stone. "Please! Won't you love me back?"'

That’s all you get!  Want more, check out the widget on the sidebar and grab these fantastic books and then sit back and enjoy the ride as this brilliant romantic saga lures you in. 

About Kristine Cheney: 

Kristine Cheney is an award-winning, best-selling author of paranormal and contemporary romance and an Arizona native, now living in Surprise. She's been married twenty-two years to her high school sweetheart, Brett, and is the mother of Taryn, Brett Tyler, and Zackary, and is Grammy to Parker, Ivy, and Evely'nn. A huge labrador lover, she's pack-mom to Yellow Lab, Magnus, and to the very naughty (and quite huge) white Labra-Doodle puppy, Brody.

Hobbies include writing passionate love stories that involve chivalrous characters, dashing adventure, forked humor, and the ever-true good vs. evil dilemma. Her favorite place to relax is anywhere within close proximity to a beach or wooded lake. A huge history buff, she plans to one day make a trek across the US to get her fill of American wonder (with hubby, labs, and lap top in tow).

Kristine loves a good, hot cup of coffee with Creme Brulee liquid creamer. She became a maestro with a bag of frosting when Wilton cake decorating lessons fueled her artistic fire. Needless to say, she's pretty darn awesome at creating a deluxe wedding, baby shower, and themed birthday cake that will make your toes curl. (from KC's website)

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  1. Thanks for the Author Appreciation.I love that one of her character's name is Evangeline!

  2. Awww! I love you girls, too!

    Kristine Cheney


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