Girls*Heart* Books: Guest Post with Ciaran, Aidan, and Riona Moon of The Moon Coven by Kymberlee Burks-Miller

Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Post with Ciaran, Aidan, and Riona Moon of The Moon Coven by Kymberlee Burks-Miller

Hi Melissa, and all of your followers, My name is Ciaran Moon, and I along with my brother and sister over here... 

*Riona and Aidan flash their dazzling smiles* 

have been asked to stop by and tell everyone a little bit about us, our creator, and the books that we appear in, The Moon Coven Series. 

*Riona pushes her way to the front and clears her throat* 

My name is Riona, but everyone calls me Ri, I'll tell you about us... 
Our family is born of the original witch. We have power, and a lot of it, but it's still new to us and most days we have NO clue what we're doing. We just kind of wing it. There are twelve of us, Ciaran, Aidan, Declan, Seamus, Cormac, Liam, Shannon, Cassie, Jessie, me, and our ring leader is Lilyann. She's a spirit witch, the first one in over five centuries! Pretty killer, right? Plus, to save the world and our family, and ourselves we have to keep the original line of vampires from getting her blood. Not a problem...yeah right! Oh, did I happen to mention that her boyfriend IS one of the said vampires, but he doesn't want to kill her or anything... 

*Aidan clears his throat, and steps forward* 

Great Goddess, Ri! You're going to scare them all off! I'm Aidan, let me tell you a little about our creator, Kymberlee. We've lived in her head for about a very long time. I think that maybe we drove her crazy, until she finally started putting pen to paper and writing our story for us. 

She's very shy, caring, and lovable, but don't make her angry! I heard that she threatened Dax (on another blog) to write him in a tutu! 

*All three bust out laughing* 

*Ciaran pipes up again* 

Okay, I'll tell you about the books. Haunted Moon is available now on Amazon, and Harvest Moon was just released on Saturday, so go grab those! The Special Edition of Compulsion(the book we appear in) is being released at the end of this month! 

So check those, and follow us...we're the new witches in town! 

Ciaran, Aidan, and Riona Moon~

A family secret that was kept hidden in the night is awakened...

The sleepy little town of Hampstead, Maryland, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, has no idea of the monsters lurking in their midst. Or the dangers they will face if the Moon Coven doesn't figure out how to harness the magick within.

After Lilyann Moon's grandmother dies under suspicious circumstances, she and her eleven young family members are thrown into the world of witchcraft and supernatural. A world they know nothing about. Lily's the most powerful witch in over five hundred years, but she's untrained and uninitiated. The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason. But is she in love with the enemy? She's in a race against time to save her town and coven! Will Lily survive with her heart and neck intact?

It all comes down to this one night...

All Hallow's Eve

Before Lilyann stepped into her destiny to lead the coven, there was another powerful Moon witch...her grandmother. A teenage witch in Galway, Ireland, Leeny Moon was prepared to take her rightful place in the circle along side of her kin. Until, she witnessed firsthand the forthcoming nightmares she would be expected to face.

The fight between good versus evil begins here...

Blessed Be~

And now for the newest title in The Moon Coven Series

Seventeen year old Lochlan Moon had been groomed his entire life to accept the torch that would eventually be handed to him. He put his heart and soul into mastering a craft passed down through the generations of his ancestral bloodline, Moon Magick. 

Between his father's savage murder by something preternatural, and his vanishing classmates, doubts that he'd kept buried began to resurface. Someone or something is on a monstrous killing spree in his home town of Hampstead.

Lochlan's future within the family's circle teeters on a deadly precipice.

Will any of the witches survive to harness the magick within after this Harvest Moon?

Hi guys! This is Kymberlee Burks-Miller, author of The Moon Coven Series. I wanted to stop by and personally thank everyone for joining three of my favorite witches!! Be sure to follow them and the craziness that is their lives on the pages listed.
Love, Hugs, and Twitchy-Witchy Kisses,

I'd like to thank Ciaran, Aidan, Riona & Kymberlee for stopping by! 

And as a little surprise for you guys I've decided to throw an impromptu giveaway! 

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Good luck everyone! 


  1. Thanks for this giveaway ladies! Love when the characters are interviewed its so cool!

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  3. My favorite witch is probably Jazz from Linda Wisdom's Hex series. She's just so fun, she's someone I would love to hang out with for real.


  4. Thank you all for this awesome giveaway!

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