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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tammy's Two Cents:Review, Interview & Giveaway with Matt Posner

Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships 
Teen Guide answers the important and confusing questions young people have about their bodies and their hearts. It's an advice book from two authors who care about young people and want to help them work through the tough issues that will be on their minds as they move through an emotionally complex time of their lives. Every question is answered in a conversational way, as if the author were sitting next to you speaking from the heart.
Co-authored by Matt Posner and Jess C Scott.

MATT and JESS answer questions about:

* Love vs. Lust
* Looks vs. Personality
* Whether you should have sex
* How important money is in a relationship
* Pornography (separating reality from fantasy)
* Sexual Orientation (is it okay to be "gay"?)
. . .and more

About the Authors:

* Matt's Bio: Matt is an NYC teacher who's willing to make controversial statements that he thinks are in your best interest. In his own words, Teen Guide "explains what mature, adult sexuality is and provides a useful guide to entering that sexual world at the right time." He is also the author of the School of the Ages series of novels featuring America's greatest magic school.

* Jess's Bio: Jess, a professional non-conformist, has a fresh youthful world view. Jess writes in a variety of genres including urban fantasy, young adult fiction, cyberpunk, and poetry. She's cool,
supportive, and writes with both intellect and a lot of emotion. Her website is jessINK.com/teenguide.htm 
I titled my Amazon review “Should be required reading in High School!”
Let me just say, I wish Matt had written this book 10 years ago so that I could have shared it with my eldest son!  He and Jess really did hit every topic, it is also refreshing to have them talk about gay relationships without making it the mockery so many people do these days!  The guide approaches the subject(s) in such a way as not to make the reader uncomfortable; let’s face it, sex at any age can be confusing as hell.
The guide delves not only into the mechanics of sex but practicing safe sex as well.  I did recently see a review where the reviewer seemed to be chastising the authors for not pushing abstinence; really?!?!  Did you not get the point of the book?  Teenager’s hormones are already so far out of whack that a lot of times the act of sex is an afterthought.  Matt and Jess have produced a guide to assist with key points like safe sex, protecting yourself AND your partner, taking care of business the right way and building healthy relationships just to mention a few. 
Matt and Jess are informative, open and honest.  We have ourselves another great one from Mr. Posner, I expected nothing less!  J
5 Feathers for all our teenagers!  Parents too, if you have teens at home and your concerned about “The” conversation; perhaps this will help make it easier.

Matt Posner

It has been several months since I last visited with Matt when I did a review for The School of The Ages, Ghost in the Crystal.  So I had to find out what he's been up to since then; here is my Q&A followup with Author Matt Posner (giveaway details to follow).

*What's new with you since our last interview?Right now I'm finishing up the school year and looking forward to my
summer work schedule. That's mostly teaching, but I will be putting
out three books this summer, if I can hold to my plans. Later this
month will be Sara Ghost, a novelette in the School of the Ages
tradition, but in a different vein. The story is told by Sara, who is
a non-magical teen who meets Goldberry and Simon. This story also
gives me a chance to take on a theme that has been common in YA
literature for at least a dozen years, reflecting a horrendous trend
in the lives of young people in America, the theme of cutting. Teens
cut themselves because they find no other outlet for their emotional
distress. The extent of this phenomenon is quite shocking. I don’t
like sensationalism in literature, but I’m taking it on anyway, and I
hope I have done it with some sensitivity and taste.
 I will use July for editing, and then it's The War Against Love,
whose cover you've been looking at.  Here's the cover gallery on my
website. http://schooloftheages.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=13491973.
More about that book below.
Finally, in September (I hope) I will have How to Write Dialogue, a
how-to manual for aspiring fiction writers, featuring samples from
many of my buddies in the self-published circuit.  Check out this
list:  J.A. Beard, C.D. Echterling, Marita A. Hansen, Junying Kirk,
Stuart Land, Mysti Parker, Roquel Rodgers, and Jess C. Scott, with
forewords by Jess and by Tim Ellis!
*Give us a sneak peak at Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships.Teenagers these days are entering a very confusing world where their
friendships, romances, and sexuality are more complex and dangerous
than ever before. As a teacher, I have witnessed young people’s lives
being seriously harmed by problems with relationships, and I have seen
more teenage pregnancies than I can count. Also, the media presents a
lot of really messed-up images of how human interaction is supposed to
go, all based on what is being sold rather than what is good for kids.
Society is struggling to integrate more openness about homosexuality
and gender issues. Pornography is probably at an all-time high in
usage because of the Internet. Young people really need some guidance,
and sometimes they can’t or don’t want to ask their parents. As a
teacher, I want to help.
There really haven’t been any comprehensive books for teens that cover
all the topics and answer all the questions. They are always focused
on one narrow aspect (advice for girls, advice on dating, advice for
gay teens, etc.) and they are always slick, packaged products. Teen
Guide to Sex and Relationships answers questions for everyone, on
every subject. It’s also special because it has two authors. I provide
an older male perspective, conservative on matters of personal conduct
although politically liberal. My co-author, Jess C. Scott, is young
and cool, far less conservative than I am, and driven by her belief in
sincerity and deep emotional and spiritual connection. Together, we
give advice in the style of older friends cutting through the bullshit
and telling it the way it is. We aren’t therapists, psychologists, or
doctors; we’re just caring people. Our goal is not to promote teen
sexuality, but to give teens an understanding of what mature
relationships and mature sex are, so that they can find their path
toward those when the time is right.
The book has content about sexuality – ranging from what to touch and
how to the decision-making process of when and why or why not – and
content about relationships – how to find a relationship, make a
relationship work, and deal with the aftermath of a break-up. Our
focus is not a particular political agenda, but the health and
maturity of our readership. A reviewer has called us out for not
pushing abstinence more strongly; I thank him for his comments, but
although abstinence is a better option than sexual intercourse,
presenting it as the only option will come across to teens like an
attempt to brainwash them.
I should mention that Teen Guide is not only the best advice book out
there, but it is also the most inexpensive, both as an ebook and as a
paperback. Jess and I want it to reach as many people as possible;
we’re on a mission.
*Very excited for The School of The Ages, The War Against Love; can
you share any juicy details with us?
Thanks for asking, Tammy.  The title War Against Love tells you what
elements to expect in the book as my core cast turns fifteen and both
their power and the perils they face are magnified.
This novel intensifies the magic and the action as my kids get
involved in the magical war between School of the Ages and its
traditional enemy, the European Nazi magician group Gott im Himmel.
Dr. Archer has been dealing with this in the background since The
Ghost in the Crystal (where it is mentioned in the last chapter), and
it preoccupied him during Level Three’s Dream (when he was often
absent because of it) and now the war gets going for real, with
attacks and counterattacks in New York and all over Europe as Dr.
Archer, Simon, and Goldberry fight furiously to eliminate their
malicious foes.
That’s the war component:  the love component comes from an epic
romantic plot as Simon meets Ana Vorkina, the daughter of the
arch-mage of elementals, who lives in Prague. (Ana is on the cover, as
is Prague’s Charles Bridge at center right.) With her passion for
justice, her wildly flaring temper, and her deep sadness at the loss
of her mother, Ana is a perfect counterweight to Simon’s depression
and coldness, but is there really a chance for them to find each
other, or to stay together, with the constant threat of bloodshed?
This is a character-driven book. Simon, Goldberry, Robbie are changed
forever. Ana is a heroine you will never forget. Dr. Archer’s past and
deepest feelings are revealed. This novel is stuffed with horrendous
villains, including a serial killer, Pavel Rod, who is in the teaser
at the end of Level Three’s Dream, and King Wind, Avery’s estranged
father, not to mention the leader of Gott im Himmell, the mysterious
Kaiser Petrus, whose identity remains secret until near the end. I
also enlarge the core cast with a few new students, including Delphine
and her adorable French accent; the mysterious Miss Chatterjee; and
William Goodenough’s two junior henchmen, the abominable Jonathan
Twins (Jonathan and Josephine).

So, Matt has graciously offered up 2 hand written, signed pages from Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships!
The usual rules apply guys, you MUST complete all required sections below and the winner will have 24 hours to respond or we move on.  Best of luck! 
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Oh and just a little tease; I will be doing another interview and review with our good friend Matt when book 3 in The School of The Ages series releases, hopefully in August. 


  1. Absolutely! I think teenagers need a factual source to learn about sex education.

  2. I live in NYC so a magical school is an interesting idea. Sex Ed. is important. When to start is the point. Being in education for years on LI, I have seen teens get pregnant and have abortions at the outset of receiving their period. Some at 11. By 16 after two or three abortions, they have the child. It's sad. So, if parents are not on top of this, then the school unfortunately must take over. And with parents having to work 2 jobs in a depressed economy, the school often takes over the parent role: En Loco Parentis.

  3. It's Carole, again. One more thing...to let you know. I went above and beyond. I tweeted this post and I FBooked it/promoted it on my author pg. (https://www.facebook.com/Writingdivine)
    Would love a return of favor if you like the pg.

    Also, I joined your blog via GFC, Networked blogs and Linky. Would also love a return of favor for the same...or one of them. My blog address is http://www.thefatandtheskinnyonwellness.com/

    Thanks. A pleasure to connect.


  4. sexual education should absolutely be required and should be one of the most important courses in both middle school, and high school; and if i had my way the first year of college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it should also be required at home, in churches, and in many other areas of life! but that is just my opinion, let me stop before i tell you how i really feel!

  5. Yes, I think Sex Ed should be taught in schools. Some parents are irresponsible enough to not talk to their kids about it or they are just scared to. Someone has to.


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