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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fever

Lana and I have decided to start a new feature here at Girls *Heart* Books, it's called Friday Fever. Every Friday we will showcase one of our favorite steamy and/or romantic scenes from the YA & New Adult universe. You know the ones we are talking about; those that get your pulse thumping and your temperature rising. Enjoy.

This week, I've chosen a scene from Andrea Cremer's, Nightshade. I read this book a while back but never got to the others in the series due to my ever-growing to read list. This week I've been listening to the book in audio to refresh my memory and I was reminded how very steamy the entire book is. So here it is, one of my favorite steamy scenes from Nightshade.

" “What are you doing?” I tried to pull away, but his hand slipped from my hair to cup the nape of my neck.

When he whispered, his warm breath brushed over my lips. “Just let me kiss you, Calla. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to. No one has to know.”

My lips parted as I drew a sudden, startled breath and in that instant his mouth was on mine, soft as velvet. I closed my eyes against the rush of a hundred wings that suddenly beat in my chest and soared through my body.

His scent was all around me. Leather, sandalwood, bonfires in autumn. He pulled back, but only for the sake of moving his lips to trail over my neck.

My blood was on fire and I was shaking. Is this really happening?

I couldn’t stop thinking about Shay in the clearing. About asking him to kiss me. The electric touch of his lips on mine.

But this is where I belong. I tried to push the memories back.

Ren stroked my knee, his fingers wandering up my thigh, sliding beneath the hem of my dress.

I grabbed his wrist. “Wait.”

He didn’t free his arm from my grasp but continued kissing my collar bone.

“Let’s skip the waiting part,” he murmured into my skin.”

My goodness! Is anyone else warm? 

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