Girls*Heart* Books: Event: Auntie Heather's Second Chance Tour at The Tattered Cover

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Event: Auntie Heather's Second Chance Tour at The Tattered Cover

Heather Brewer's "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" have been on my To-Read list for God only knows how long. So, when I found out she would be at The Tattered Cover this month, I was stoked. I could finally have her books on my shelf, AND they would be signed! Eep!

It was snowing, and ice had coated the ground by the time it was time to go. I had to argue with my dad a little bit to convince him I needed to go to this signing, and eventually, thankfully, got my way.

However, very few people got there way. I got a front row seat, and barely half of the few chairs out were full. Heather didn't seem to mind this at all, though. She actually seemed thrilled by the smaller crowd. We could all be "cozy".

Heather signing books
Instead of doing a major presentation where she explained her books and whatnot, Heather skipped straight to the questions, with this,

"And if nobody has a question, I'm going to start asking you all questions, and that will be weird."

The atmosphere was comfortable-- like chatting with someone you've known your whole life rather than just a few minutes, or through books. The discussions ranged from bullying to cookies and made everything seem calm.

Now, you all have to realize, I am inept when it comes to social skills. Unless the topic is, "Why would you feed that to your dog?" I am not the wittiest person. Obviously I can talk about books for years, but the authors? I clam up a little, making myself look moronic. So when it's time for questions, I usually sit there silently and listen to everyone else speak. So, about mid-questionaire, when Heather looked at me and went, "What about you, you haven't asked a question yet." my brain shut off... Very fun.

Heather signing books

To add salt to the wound of my idiocy, the only question I could come with is as follows;

"I'll just use the 'random' blog question. What's your favorite desert?"

"Ooh, that's hard..."

So at least I made her think. Ha.

"It used to be ice cream... But then I lost 132 pounds and now it is just not appealing anymore. Which is weird, because I love sweet stuff-- Cookies, cake.. Just not ice cream." ~Heather

"See, I am not the biggest cookie hound. I love my ice cream." ~Me

"Oh, I love cookies." ~Heather

She told us that when she's on tour, she will call down to the lobby, and tell them, "You know, I'm an author... And I'm on tour, and I'm feeling really homesick, and I really just need some warm cookies and a cold glass of milk...", "And even if they don't have it on their menu, they're always like, 'I will see what I can do for you.'...And they ALWAYS come through, it's awesome!"And then she will sit back in her 'ratty old slippers' with her cookies and milk and watch TV and everything is okay.

Heather signing books
She gave tips on how to get published, answered my second question (after my brain turned on again and I could think) about if she's more prone to write for males or females, told us "The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound" was a personal challenge to make women the strong role, butting heads with a certain popular book... *cough* Sparkles the Vampire *cough* Aherm...

"When everyone turns around, I'm just a 12-year-old boy, that's all it is." ~Heather

Me and Heather Brewer!
The signing has got to be one of the better ones I've been to. So much fun!

We love you, Auntie Heather! I am officially a loyal minion.. :3

My signed "High School Bites"

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