Girls*Heart* Books: Friday Fever: Losing It by Cora Carmack

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fever: Losing It by Cora Carmack

Friday Fever is a weekly event hosted here at Girls *Heart* Books. Every Friday, we will showcase one of our favorite steamy and/or romantic scenes. You know the ones we're talking about; those that get your pulse thumping and your temperature rising. Enjoy.

I'd barely processed his words before he'd pulled me up from the chair and covered my mouth with his own. His scent overwhelmed me--citrus and leather and something else that made my mouth water. I was almost too shocked to react. I was acutely aware of the fact that he was kissing me in the middle of a bar, until he nipped at my bottom lip. Then I forgot about everything but him. My whole body shuddered, and my heart dropped down toward my stomach like the force of gravity had doubled. My head was swimming, but I didn't care. I opened my mouth, and immediately his tongue swept in, taking control. My hands clutched at his back, and in response, he pulled me closer. His kiss was slow and then fast, tender and then punishing. We were pressed together so tightly that I could feel every plane of his body, but still I wanted to be closer. His hand slid up the back of my shirt--hot fingers pressed into my already over-heated flesh. A moan escaped my mouth at the intimate contact. Immediately, I regretted it, because the sound seemed to clear his head, and he pulled away.

I couldn't stop my lips from following him, but he stayed out of reach of my kiss. Instead he groaned, ducked his head, and placed a hot kiss on my neck.

My brain was definitely dialed down. I was all body in that moment, and God, it felt good. I was only the sum of my nerve endings, which were going crazy. He exhaled heavily, and it scorched my skin. His voice was raspy when he spoke, "Sorry. Got carried away."

Those were exactly the right words. Carried away. I had never been so caught up in another person before. I'd never been so . . . out of control.

*drools* This is by far the best book I read all year of 2012 and I still adore it.. Yum. Seriously. Read this.


  1. WOW! This book just moved up a few spots on my to read list lol :) Thanks for sharing Lana!

  2. Awww.... Thanks for featuring this girls! I'm so happy and humbled to hear it was your favorite book of 2012. You guys rock!

    1. *shall repress the urge to write a fangirl-y reply* You're very welcome, Cora! I loved it bunches and I'm positive Mel will too (poor girl has a ton of requests so she hasn't gotten to it yet). Thank you for sharing your amazing novel! <3


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