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Saturday, June 8, 2013

GHBT: Why My Love Life Sucks- Review

Why My Love Life Sucks
The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer Book #1
Shevi Arnold
Published: March 23, 2010

Seventeen-year-old Gilbert Garfinkle is the ultimate tech geek. He likes to take apart, figure out, and fix things, and he dreams of someday fixing the world. But now his own life has been taken apart by the one thing he'll never be able to figure out. Her name is Amber, and she's a gorgeous girl with a killer smile who wants to turn him into her platonic BFF--literally forever! It's the ultimate geek's ultimate nightmare, and it leaves Gilbert asking life's ultimate question: "Why me?" 

Why My Love Life Sucks is a funny novel about geeks, girls, gadgets, vampires, and the start of a most unlikely friendship. It's the first book in The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, the series that proves it takes the ultimate geek to be the ultimate hero.

Why My Love Life Sucks is the first book in The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer Series by Shevi Arnold. When I'd first read the summary for this book, I was intrigued. A geek, for once! Lately all the boys (YA to Erotica) in books are the bad boy, dangerous, have tattoos and motorcycles and while yes, I do love me some bad boys, I feel the nice guys get forgotten. And I do love me a funny guy.

While I was interested, though, I honestly didn't expect to like this book nearly as much as I did. The characters had a surprising amount of story and the novel wasn't rushed or boring. I do find, though, that the story did drag in some parts. And personally (this is my personal opinion-- Doesn't mean the book is bad at all) I prefer more drama. And tears. Haha.

Overall, very good, funny novel :)

My Rating:

I've always been super geeky about comedy, fantasy and science fiction. 

When I was little, I'd take them apart and analyze them, kind of like what Gilbert Garfinkle--the hero of Why My Love Life Sucks--does with electronics. This continued into my college years, when I majored in English Literature and Theater Studies. 

For twelve years I worked in magazines and newspapers as an editorial cartoonist, illustrator, editor, arts-and-entertainment writer (specializing in children's entertainment and, of course, comedy), and a consumer columnist. 

My last job was at the Jerusalem Post, but I had to quit when my family decided to move to New Jersey to pursue better education options for my autistic son. 

This was in February 2001. Since then I've written 40 picture books and seven novels for kids and teens, four of which I've indie published. I was an ABNA quarterfinalist with Why My Love Life Sucks, and I won third place in SmartWriter's Write It Now contest in the the YA category (which was judged by Alex Flinn, the author of Beastly) for my romantic, YA ghost story, Ride of Your Life. 


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