Girls*Heart* Books: Author Appreciation Day 18: The Awesomazing Alex Flinn

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Author Appreciation Day 18: The Awesomazing Alex Flinn

Author Appreciation Day 18: The Awesomazing Alex Flinn

Alex Flinn's Website!

Alex Flinn is the author of Beastly, Bewitching, A Kiss In Time, Cloaked, Nothing To Lose, Breathing Underwater, Breaking Point, Diva, and Fade To Black.

I read Alex's novel, Beastly, because I heard it was being made into a movie, and I like to read the books before I see the movie, because per usual, movies tend to ruin books for me. This is a story about a boy named Kyle, who is very used to getting everything he wants, because he is hot, and wealthy. He is the dick that every high school has. Until one day, a witch takes his power away; in form of his looks. Kyle is now an outcast, much like in Beauty And The Beast, and if he doesn't find someone to love him the way he looks now, he will remain this...bear/lion/monster type hybrid forever.

Enter Lindy, a sweet little "average" girl with the largest jerk of a father ever. I would like to keep going on and on but I will be telling the whole story here, soon. Ha.

To say the least, it is basically a retelling of Beauty And The Beast, one of my favorite childhood movies (Disney), and it did make me cry a little. I very much enjoyed this novel!

I am currently reading A Kiss In Time, which is, basically, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with a twist. It is HILARIOUS and witty and I am so loving this retelling. It definitely topped the memory of the movie in my head, and I am crying from laughing so hard quite often.

Alex Flinn has several novels, which are all on my To-Read list. I feel terrible that I can say as much about her stories as I would like, because I haven't delved that far into the amazingness that is she (you'll notice above I created a new word for her [even though my friend invented it and I am boring...hehe]!), but I do encourage you to check her out and give her novels a try! They make my day. :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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