Girls*Heart* Books: Author Appreciation Day 5: The Stunning Lisa McMann

Monday, March 5, 2012

Author Appreciation Day 5: The Stunning Lisa McMann

Author Appreciation Day 5: The Stunning Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann is the author of the New York Times best selling Dream Catcher Trilogy, Cryer's Cross,  her newest series, The Unwanteds, and Dead To You.

If I recall correctly, I was once again in the aisles of Barnes & Nobel when I found her first novel, Wake. The fact the book was purple was immediately something I liked (favorite color and I hardly ever see it, ha), and when I realized that the cover was indeed a pillow, I was a little thrown. At the time the only things I'd ever seen on books were either flowers or pretty people, and that is still typically the case. 

When I picked it up, this eerie idea of a girl who could tap into my dreams grasped my attention instantly, and I was sitting on the floor for at least 30 minutes just reading the first few pages. It's a funny and witty trilogy, and I read all three in less than a month.

My favorite character here has got to be Cabel, hands down. He's sweet and charming, and has a history that I just ate right up. And he stuck by Janie, despite her sometimes rude attitude towards him. Cabel is a favorite person of mine, in all honesty.

While I have not finished Cryer's Cross, it has stolen my attention just as strongly as the Wake trilogy had. Kendall, in my own personal opinion, is more likable than Janie. And a murder mystery? This is me we're talking about, of course I'm intrigued. 

From what I have gathered in the few chapters I have finished so far, Kendall's dream is to get out of Montana and go to school in New York (which is something I can relate to, even if I do not live in Montana), but the chances are slim. But when tragedy strikes Cryer's Cross, she abandons her dreams in favor of trying to find her missing friends. Classically, a triangle should bloom between her, her boyfriend Nico, and a mystery man I have heard rumors of, but haven't met as of yet. Needless to say, I am probably on Team Mystery Man, because Nico tends to annoy me, at times.

The Unwanteds, unfortunately, is not on my bookshelf yet. *boo* But! I have $50 at Barnes & Noble, so I assure you this will be changing soon. 

The Unwanteds is set in a town called Quill, where being artistic and creative is not a gift, but a death sentence. At age thirteen, you will be sorted, and if you are intelligent, you are Wanted, and go to university, and the creative rest are sent off to be put to death.

Alex is one of these Unwanteds, his twin brother Aaron being able to remain in Quill as Wanted. This breaks my heart, really. Especially as we continue.

Turns out, when Alex arrives at his elimination point, he isn't to be put to death at all, but he is to learn how to use his talent in a new light, learning to cast spells with paintbrushes, and the like. Now this is new to me, and I adore it!

Again, though, it appears that Alex and Aaron will be pitted against each other in battle sometime in this series, and I am expecting to cry. Why? Because I cry a lot in books. And I look forward to it!

I believe Dead To You is a stand-alone novel, and I am so excited to get it. Sever-year-old Ethan was abducted from his front lawn, and by some miracle, he will be returned to his family at age sixteen, but there are things he doesn't know about his family, things he can't remember, and there are no words to describe how excited I am for this book (Due out February 7th, 2012!).

Lisa McMann has got to be in my top five favorite authors (*cough* #1 *cough*) and I will be sticking with her novels until she stops writing them (God forbid..)!


  1. Great post Lana! I have had Lisa McMann on my to read list for a while!! :)

    1. Well hopefully I made you want to read it more? Haha. :]


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