Girls*Heart* Books: Guest Post & Giveaway with D.T. Dyllin, Author of 'Enemy Through The Gates'

Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Post & Giveaway with D.T. Dyllin, Author of 'Enemy Through The Gates'

Happy Monday guys! The lovely & super talented, Ms. D.T. Dyllin is here to share a little something with you guys!
D.T. Dyllin

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have a special ‘gift’ or power? In my book ‘Enemy Through The Gates’ there are four types of gifted humans…

Seers: They possess the ability to see any danger or threat to our world along with any matters pertaining to the gates. (Gates are a series of portals or “doors” throughout our dimension linking it to other dimensions.)

Gatekeepers: They have the ability to manipulate various energy fields, including the energy around the gates. They can open and close the gates, which comes in handy with shutting out unwanted visitors to our world.

Speakers: They have the ability to understand and speak all languages of any origin.

Guardians: They have super strength, super speed like Superman (minus the vulnerability to Kryptonite) but can be injured like any mortal human.

The abilities of a Seer are inherently attached to the XX chromosome. Therefore, only females possess the potential to be a Seer. On the opposite end of the genetic spectrum, Guardian abilities are attached to the Y chromosome thereby limiting Guardian powers to males. Bearing that in mind, I think I would prefer to be a Guardian. Why? Because they are the bad asses of the bunch! They have superior speed, strength, etc. Think Superman minus the flying ability and vulnerability to Kryptonite. How much fun would that be? However, there is the training. Once they begin developing their powers after puberty, Guardians steadily gain strength, stamina and physical bulk. I think Stan Lee put it best in his Spiderman comics with the quote…”With great power comes great responsibility.” So, Guardians must constantly discipline themselves and hone their skills through training.

     A Seer doesn’t need to train. She basically sits around waiting to see an event. But, when she does, it can be pretty physically taxing. I compare Seers with the type of brain-iacs that have an answer to everything but can’t keep up in gym class. One could argue that brains are better than brawn, to which, I concur. Yet, Guardians are not ‘all brawn and no brains’. Typically, they’re like most people in that some are smarter than others. So, intelligence really doesn’t factor into my choice. I just think it would be cool to lay some major smack down on an alien interloper showing up to threaten our world.

Okay, so now that you know a little bit more about the gifted humans in ‘Enemy Through The Gates’…who do you think you would prefer to be? I’ve already told you my answer, so I want to hear yours! 

Ok guys! Up for grabs is everything you see in this picture!! 1 winner only, so fill out the rafflecopter form below & good luck!! 

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  1. Guardians~ I would want to be bad A**.

  2. I would like to be a Speaker. I dream of speaking different languages so I can understand everyone :D And there are always jobs for translators! Awesome giveaway! Thank you.


    1. Also wanted to say...AMAZING dog!!! He's just gorgeous!!!

  3. Guardians just sound so bad a$$ so I pick Guardian! :)

  4. SoUnds awesome to be a Seerer!

  5. I would want to be a Speaker.It would be great to know all languages!

  6. While I'd want to be stronger and all that like a Guardian, I think I would actually want to be a Speaker. I've taken Spanish classes in High School and College and done well in them, but the language never stuck since I have no use for it where I live. I'd like the ability to pick up on any language I need at a given time. It'd make the world a much more accepting place if I were to travel.

  7. Gatekeeper for sure. They seem like the most underrated powerful guys here.

  8. Gatekeeper, I like to work with energy and the ability to keep harmful entities out of our world would be an honor

  9. I think any of them would be cool, but I'd love to be a speaker! Understanding all languages would be awesome L(


  10. Speaker. I have always wanted to speak and understand languages of any country, ethnicity, and origin. No matter what time period. That would be so cool!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Alyssa Susanna

  11. I would love to be a speaker. Etymology is fascinating and being able to speak any language is the power to be comfortable in any country in the world and meet new people.

  12. Gatekeeper it would be important to protect the people you care about.

  13. I would definitely want to be a speaker. Knowledge is power and always knowing what's being said is an ultimate power!


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