Girls*Heart* Books: Friday Fever: Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fever: Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Friday Fever is a weekly event hosted here at Girls *Heart* Books. Every Friday, we will showcase one of our favorite steamy and/or romantic scenes from the YA & New Adult universe. You know the ones we're talking about; those that get your pulse thumping and your temperature rising. Enjoy.

This week we are showcasing Crush by Lacey Weatherford. This book was sooooo good and there were a few steamy scenes, this was one of my favorites, though. I hope you guys like it as much as I did. 

I closed my eyes for a second. “Forgive me,” I whispered when I looked at her again. I grabbed her cheeks and pressed my lips to hers.
 Sparks exploded at the simple contact between us, and I found myself sliding my hands down to her shoulders so I could pull her closer. I wrapped both of my arms around her back and pressed against her, walking slowly forward until she was pinned against the door.
 Her fingers move upward, locking around behind my neck. She opened her mouth, allowing me access and I happily invaded, licking and tasting what she offered. It was heaven.
 She made a soft moaning sound in the back of her throat—or maybe it was me—I wasn’t sure anymore as her hands made their way up into my hair, digging in as she kept me pulled tightly to her. 
My palms moved lower, cupping her bottom and lifting so she could wrap her legs around me. She did so as if she’d done it a thousand times before, and I moved to trail kisses across her face and down her neck.
 She tossed her head back, arching. “Finally,” she breathed out as her hands traveled over me.
~Kindle location 1200 

Whoa nelly! Love it! The heat between these two is electric! Crush comes out tomorrow, so be sure to BUY it asap!

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