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**Last Updated July 29th, 2014**


Go Ask Alice - Lana's Review


Entangled: A Paranormal Anthology - Mel's Review

Best Thing I Never Had - Review to come


Adams, Ada: ReVamped - Mel's Review
                      ReAwakened - Mel's Review

Alender, Katie: Bad Girls Don't Die - Lana's Review

Alley, S.C.: Ghost Club The Unloved - Mel's Review

Anderson, Laurie Halse: Speak - Lana's Review | Mel's Review

Armstrong, Kelley: The Gathering - Mel's Review
                                The Calling - Mel's Review

Arnett, Mindee: The Nightmare Affair - Group Review

Arnold, Shevi: Ride of Your Life - Lana's Review
                         Why My Love Life Sucks - Lana's Review

Asher, Eric R.: Days Gone Bad - Lana's Review
                         Wolves and the River of Stone - Lana's Review
                         Winter's Demon - Lana's Review

Asher, Jay: Thirteen Reasons Why - Mel's Review | Lana's Review

Augustine, L.M.: Click to Subscribe - Lana's Review


Barbetti, Whitney: He Found Me - Lana's Review

Bell, M.J.: Before the Full Moon Rises - Lana's Review
                  Once Upon a Darker Time - Lana's Review

Bellon, Michelle: Embracing You, Embracing Me - Mel's Review

Bennardo, Charlotte: Sirenz & Sirez Back in Fashion - Mel's Review

Bevis, Kaitlin: Persephone - Lana's Review
                        Daughter of the Earth and Sky - Lana's Review
                        The Iron Queen - Lana's Review

Bischoff, Sandra: Beyond the Sun - Lana's Review
                             Beyond Time - Lana's Review

Black, Holly: Tithe - Mel's Review

Blake, Kendare: Anna Dressed In Blood - Mel's Review

Bloomfield, Kate: Alpha Girl - Mel's Review | Lana's Review

Bradley, S.X.: Unraveled - Lana's Reviews

Bridges, Robin: The Unfailing Light - Group Review

Burgess, B.C.: Descension - Lana's Review

Byrnes, Aedan: Through the Oracle's Mist - Lana's Review


Caine, Rachel: The Devil's Bargain - Mel's Review

Carmack, Cora: Losing It - Lana's Review

Case, Suzi: The Shameful Diary of a Hopeless Romantic - Mel's Review

Cheney, Kristine: Secret Santa - Lana's Review

Chetty, Kamy: Falling Into Paradise - Lana's Review

Clare, Cassandra: Clockwork Prince - Mel's Review
                             City of Lost Souls - Mel's Review

Clark Kemp, Tyffani: Scorned - Lana's Review
                                    Hunted - Lana's Review
                                    Conquered - Lana's Review (coming soon)

Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games - Group Review

Cohn, Rachel: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Mel's Review

Crehan, Catriona: The Color Keepers - Lana's Review


D'Angelo, Nina: Damaged - Lana's Review

Day, Kristen: Forsaken - Group Review
                      Awaken - Lana's Review | Mel's Review
                      Chosen - Lana's Review | Mel's Review

DeJesus, Liz: First Frost - Group Review

Dionne, Aubrie: Playing the Maestro - Lana's Review
                           Love on Loch Ness - Lana's Review

Dorsey, C.S.: The Unsacred Gift - Mel's Review

Dyllin, D.T.: Enemy Through the Gates - Mel's Review
                      Rewound - Lana's Review


Eastwood, Joseph: Bait - Lana's Review
                              Baroque - Lana's Review

Edun, Terah: Sworn to Raise - Lana's Review
                     Sworn to Transfer - Lana's Review
                     Sworn to Conflict - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                     Sworn to Secrecy - Lana's Review (coming soon)

Edwards, Scarlett: Uncovering You: The Contract - Lana's Review
                              Uncovering You: Submission - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                              Uncovering You: Resistance - Lana's Review (coming soon)

Escobar, Victoria: Of Gaea - Mel's Review | Lana's Review
                              Of Sparta - Lana's Review *coming soon*
                              Just About Healing - Lana's Review *coming soon*
                              Peerless - Lana's Review *coming soon*
                              Leaving Tracks - Lana's Review *coming soon*


Fischer, Rusta: My Brother, My Zombie - Lana's Review

Ford K., K. - The Concubine's Gift - Mel's Review

Foster, C.L.: Bluffing the Devil - Lana's Review
                     Heart of War - Lana's Review
                     Truth Seeker - Review coming soon
                     Grip of Mortality - Review coming soon
                     Tone of Betrayal - Review coming soon
                     Essence of Vengeance - Review coming soon
                     Flavor of Salvation - Review coming soon

Fryth, Rosemary: Dark Confluence - Mel's Review


Gardner, Lisa: Catch Me - Mel's Review

Gardner, Nina-Marie: I'm Not This Girl - Mel's Review

Garvey, Amy: Cold Kiss - Group Review

Gayle, Emi: Day After - Lana's Review

George, M.A.: Aqua - Lana's Review | Mel's Review

Green, John: An Abundance of Katherines - Mel's Review

Goeglein, T.M.: Cold Fury - Lana's Review
                          Flicker & Burn - Lana's Review


Hainsworth, Emily: Through To You - Lana's Review

Hanova, Natasha: Edge of Truth - Lana's Review

Harrington, Hannah: Saving June - Mel's Review

Hatler, Susan: The Boyfriend Bylaws - Mel's Review

Haus, Jean: Sleeping Handsome - Lana's Review

Hawk, Reyna: Looking Through Blind Eyes - Mel's Review

Hebert, Cambria: Torch - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tease - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tempt - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Text - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tipsy - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tricks - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tattoo - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Tryst - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Taste - Lana's Review (coming soon)
                             Trashy - Lana's Review (coming soon)

Henry, April: Girl, Stolen - Lana's Review

Hibbs, E.C.: Blindsighted Wanderer - Lana's Review

Hickman, Shelly: Vegas to Varanasi - Lana's Review

Hopkins, Ellen: Crank - Lana's Review
                          Burned - Lana's Review

Howard, Laura: The Forgotten Ones - Lana's Review



Jackson, Khelsey: Acidalia: The Beginning of Kallos - Group Review

Jones, Carrie: Endure - Mel's Review

Jones, Theresa M.: Power - Lana's Review
                               Hope - Lana's Review


Kagawa, Julie: The Immortal Rules - Mel's Review
                         The Iron Fey - Mel's Series Review
                         The Lost Prince - Mel's Review

Karpinske, Stephanie: The Samantha Project - Lana's Review

Khanani, Intisar: Sunbolt - Lana's Review
Kingsolver, B.R.: The Succubus Gift - Mel's Review

Knowles, S.M.: Unusual Awakening - Lana's Review


Landry, Marie: Blue Sky Days - Mel's Review

Lange, Erin Jade: Butter - Lana's Review

Larkin, Allie: Why Can't I Be You? - Mel's Review

Levithan, David: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Mel's Reviews

Lowry Logan, Katherine: The Ruby Brooch - Mel's Review

Luzzatto, Kfir & Yonatan: Have Book, Will Travel - Mel's Review


McGarry, Katie: Pushing the Limits - Mel's Review

McGuire, Jamie: Beautiful Disaster - Lana's Review


Mayer, Dale: In Cassie's Corner - Lana's Review
                      Vampire in Denial - Lana's Review

Meyers, J.: Intangible - Lana's Review | Mel's Review
                  Indomitable - Group Review
                  Imaginable - Lana's Review | Mel's Review

Meyer, Marissa: Cinder - Mel's Review

Meyer, Stephenie: Twilight - Group Review
                              New Moon - Group Review
                              Eclipse - Group Review
                              Breaking Dawn - Group Review

Mickelson, Caroline: From Mangia to Murder - Mel's Review
                                   Witch Weigh - Mel's Review | Lana's Review

Miller, K.B.: Compulsion - Mel's Review

Milward, Donna: Aphrodite's War - Lana's Review

Minkman, Jen: The Island - Lana's Review

Morgan, David: The Boo Hag - Mel's Review

Morgan, Monique: Pursuer - Mel's Review


Netto, J.D.: The Whispers of the Fallen - Lana's Review
                    The Whispers of the Fallen: Rebellion - Lana's Review

Ngontang Mba, Danielle Claude: This Could Have Been Our Song! - Lana's Review
                                                      This Would Have Been Our Song! - Lana's Review
                                                      Bird of Prey - Lana's Review
                                                      The Plot Thickens - Lana's Review
                                                      Polliannah Got Married! - Lana's Review



Pace, June M.: Benjamin McTish and the Door Through the Grandfather Tree - Lana's Review
                         Benjamin McTish and the Wizards of Coranim - Lana's Review

Paille, Rhiannon: Surrender - Lana's Review (audio)
                             Justice - Lana's Review

Parker, Leigh: 10 Ways to Kill a Cupid - Mel's Review

Peters, Julie Anne: By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead - Lana's Review

Peterson, Tanya J.: Losing Elizabeth - Lana's Review

Phoenix, Airicka: Touching Smoke - Mel's Review

Plum, Amy: Die For Me - Mel's Review

Purdy, Alexia: Reign of Blood - Mel's Review
                        Ever Fire - Mel's Review



Rada, E.R.: Heart of War - Lana's Review

Raye, Teryn: Castaway Hearts - Mel's Review

Reeves, Dia: Slice of Cherry - Lana's Review

Revis, Beth: Across The Universe - Mel's Review

Riordan, Rick: The Kane Chronicles - Mel's Series Review

Rivers, Olivia: Frost Fire - Mel's Review

Roads, Jenna: Under a Painted Sky - Mel's Review

Robertson, Ashley: UnGuarded - Lana's Review

Rose, Frankie: Halo (previously titled Raksha)Lana's Review
                        Sovereign Hope - Mel's Review
                        Eternal Hope - Lana's Review

Rossi, Veronica: Under The Never Sky - Mel's Review

Rourke, Stacey: Embrace - Lana's Review
                          The Sidekick Chronicles - Lana's Review

Rowling, J.K.: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone - Group Review
                        Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets - Group Review
                        Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban - Group Review
                        Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Group Review
                        Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince - Lana's Review
                        Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - Group Review

Roy, Niecey: Fender Bender Blues - Lana's Review

Rozett, Louise: Confessions of an Angry Girl - Mel's Review


Savage, H.K.: An Undying Oath - Lana's Review

Scott, Inara: Rules of Negotiation - Mel's Review
                   Radiant Desire - Mel's Review
                   The Marked - Mel's Review
                   The Boss's Fake Fiance - Mel's Review

Shultz, Cara Lynn: Spellbound - Mel's Review

Showalter, Gena: Alice in Zombieland - Mel's Review

Sloat, Christy: The Many Lives of Avery Snow - Mel's Review

Spooner, Meagan: Skylark - Mel's Review

Stiefvater, Maggie: Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception - Lana's Review

Stunich, C.M.: Tasting Never - Mel's Review

Stolarz, Laurie Faria: Deadly Little Secret - Lana's Review


Tancin, Tom: Hippocamous - Mel's Review

Tatum, Felicia: Intoxicating Passion Box Set - Lana's Review

Thom, Maggie: Captured Lies - Lana's Review
                          Tainted Waters - Lana's Review

Thornbrugh, Kaye: Flicker - Group Review

Tolles, T. Lynne: Mirror of Shadows - Lana's Review



Vincent, Rachel: If I Die - Mel's Review
                           Before I Wake - Mel's Review


Warren, Michelle: Wander Dust - Mel's Review | Lana's Review
                              Protecting Truth - Mel's Review

Weatherford, Lacey: Crush - Mel's Review
                                  Smitten - Mel's Review

Wheelmaker, Esther: Gravely Inanimated - Lana's Review

Wilsoncroft, J.S.: Fat Chances - Mel's Review



Yatsuhashi, Keith: Kojiki - Lana's Review

Yelle, C.S.: Taking Angels - Lana's Review

Young, Savannah:  Wilde Riders - Lana's Review
                               The Wilde Ones - Lana's Review


Zaman, Natalie: Sirenz & Sirez Back in Fashion - Mel's Review

Zajac, Ina: Please, Pretty Lights - Lana's Review

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